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aibu to request friends and family follow these guidelines given by a pediatrician. (recovery from RSV)

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honeytea Sun 27-Jan-13 17:25:00

My 5 week old ds has just been released from hospital after spending 5 days on a high dependency ward because of breathing problems due to rs virus.

It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me, it was awful to see my baby fighting to breathe and turn blue. He was one of the lucky ones on the ward many of the babies were in intensive care.

When ds was discharged a pediatrician came and spoke to us about how to best avoid problems once we are home.

She said we should not take him out (apart from walks outside) for the next 2 weeks because he could still be contagious, after 2 weeks we should avoid crowded places and small children to avoid catching influenza or norovirus as his body is already weak from RSV.

They suggested that we avoid smoke and if we have smokers in our family that they shower and change clothes before holding ds.

They also suggested people wash their hands and count to 10 and use alcohol gel.

We asked smokers in our family to wash their hands and wait 30 minutes before holding ds before he git I'll and it caused trouble with mil who felt personally offended.

The handwashing should continue till April when the risk of winter viruses goes down, the avoiding cigarette smoke should continue till ds is 6 months.

Is this asking too much?

OxfordBags Mon 28-Jan-13 14:09:02

No-one needs or has a right to smoke. Your baby needs and has a right to optimal conditions to stop him getting seriously ill again. End of discussion. Anyone who sees it differently would feel my awesome maternal wrath. And thisis not hyperbole - similar happened to my DS after birth and I was like GandaLf in LOTR when it came to policing visitors on non-smoking, gaps between fags, washing, etc.: None shall pass! My Uncle sneered at the smoking rules... So he didn't see DS until he was 3 months old. I gave him the no-one has a right to smoke speech above. I've not felt the same about him since, the selfish arsehole.

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