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to wonder if, actually, anyone is THAT bothered about the jubilee?

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BrittaPerry Sat 26-May-12 17:27:34

Aside from advertisers desperately looking for a new angle on "buy our stuff please", and local newspapers looking for a new angle on "cute pictures of old people with young children waving flags" Is anyone ACTUALLY bothered about the queen bit?

Days off ar nice, nostalgia never really hurt anyone, street parties are lovely, obviously, but if it was a big party for something else national, would it make any difference?

I'm just a bit skeptical that anyone really cares how long the queen has been queening for. Maybe old people, and the odd royalty obsessive, but not normal people, surely?

yakbutter Sat 26-May-12 17:30:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

puds11 Sat 26-May-12 17:31:16

No dont care. Its tosh.

holidaywoe Sat 26-May-12 17:31:45

I'm bother and I consider my self normal! I think the Queen is an amazing woman and will be waving my flag and buying into the whole weekend of events as much as possible

TheCrackFox Sat 26-May-12 17:35:49

I am not personally that bothered but I am looking forward to my day off work (had to take it out of my holiday entitlement as my employers are stingy but the school is shut). I am throwing a garden party for my DCs and some of their friends which should be nice.

My parents are looking forward to it as they had such lovely memories of the coronation. And like a lot of baby boomers this was the first time that they had even seen a TV. Both my parents have recently retired and can't believe that the coronation was 60 yrs ago.

Leeds2 Sat 26-May-12 17:37:22

I am going on holiday.

Ragwort Sat 26-May-12 17:39:39

Yes, I do care <does that make me old grin>, I think it is a fantastic achievement and it is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate. I enjoyed the silver anniversary and the gold one grin.

It's always interesting though isn't it, to speculate on what different people 'care' about - you only need to look at some of the 'sleb' or tv threads on mumsnet ................... hmm

Sparklingbrook Sat 26-May-12 17:39:43

Nah, I a still all royalled out from last year's wedding. I am a bit peed off they have moved Whit week too.

Not looking forward to seeing clips of the Coronation on a loop every 5 minutes and rolling news of naff all with the presenter desperately filling and talking about stupid hats. angry

MsWeatherwax Sat 26-May-12 17:41:15

I don't care at all, but I'd prefer not to have a monarchy. The "jubilee" stuff in the supermarkets and the shops is awful, as bad as all the Christmas stuff.

JohnBellingham Sat 26-May-12 17:43:02

About time we got rid of all this ridiculous monarchy stuff and became a republic. A UK version of Bastille day?

alphabite Sat 26-May-12 17:46:30

I am not a fan of the royals but I do like the buzz of the jubilee and the fact people are getting together for picnics, parties and fun. I love how communities are coming together for this. Anything that gives people the chance to come together for a safe purpose is fine by me.

EggWhiteOmelette Sat 26-May-12 17:46:44

DCs school and nursery arent doing anything. Nobody at work gives a stuff. No street parties around here. Most of my family are going away for the weekend, none of my friends are 'celebrating'.

We are using the bank holiday weekend to visit friends. There won't be a whiff of bunting or a Vicky sponge in sight. Thank fuck.

It is an absolute load of waffling hype by the supermarkets. Popped into Tesco earlier and felt violated by the ceiling-high displays of union jacks and grim 'party food'. It has made me more Republican than ever, tbh.

OldGreyWiffleTest Sat 26-May-12 17:47:53

Why don't all you dissenters club together and buy an island. Then you can have your very own Republican Dictator all to yourselves, and leave the rest of us alone!!?

Sassybeast Sat 26-May-12 17:50:13

Am so not bothered and especially peed off because I've had to take unpaid leave to cover the kids being off school!

Kids have been totally brain washed by school though and I feel obliged to take them to the street party at the community centre. I've even bought fecking Jubilee biscuits from M&S angry No bunting though!

Sparks1 Sat 26-May-12 17:51:11

(had to take it out of my holiday entitlement as my employers are stingy but the school is shut)

WTF!? It's a bank holiday and therefore you shouldn't have to take it from your annual leave entitlement!

EggWhiteOmelette Sat 26-May-12 17:51:16


Look, they have to throw that big concert down Pall Mall to get people to turn up and wave flags and pretend they are there because they love her Ma and not because they got free ticket to see Robbie Williams.

So I think if we did all dissent to an island, it would be mighty quiet down Buckingham palace way next week...

But, yes - great idea! I vote for somewhere in the South Pacific.

EggWhiteOmelette Sat 26-May-12 17:51:24

their Maj

Noqontrol Sat 26-May-12 17:51:45

Im quite excited about it. It's making history isn't it. But then I was around for the silver jubilee as a child and I loved the whole thing then. Gives me a chance to relive my childhood. I just wish I didn't live on a bus lane otherwise I'd have do definitely booked my street party in.

Sparklingbrook Sat 26-May-12 17:52:48

I would like to stay on the island until the Olympics is over if that's ok. Just tell me how Tom Daly did. smile

klaxon Sat 26-May-12 17:58:04

Wouldn't it be funny ironic if she shuffled off the mortal coil the day before? grin

OhDoAdmitMrsDeVere Sat 26-May-12 17:58:32

I am not really bothered. I am not bothered if others are though. Its nice if people want to celebrate it.

I dont like all the money making and themed products (although i will probably snap up the vintagey, pretty things when they go on sale).

I am NOT looking forward to people being offended at the lack of patriotizm and particularly those who will desperately try and use it as a way to attack multiculturalism or something <yeah - looking at you Daily Fail>

Otherwise - I hope everyone has a jolly time.

MarySA Sat 26-May-12 18:08:20

I don't think patriotism and love for the monarchy should be confused. I am anti royalist. But other people can celebrate as much as they want but don't expect me to join in. I would not buy any jubilee themed stuff.

Noqontrol Sat 26-May-12 18:12:52

Oh Klaxon, I shouldn't laugh but that's funny grin

Sparklingbrook Sat 26-May-12 18:13:20

I have no objection to anybody celebrating and putting bunting up and eating cake, grin I just don't feel the Coronation love myself.

Sparklingbrook Sat 26-May-12 18:13:47

Or Jubilee or Olympic love. smile

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