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Can your 12 year old cook an egg?

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Splattered Mon 01-Aug-11 10:24:10

AIBU to think a 12 year old should be able to fry an egg/bacon quite easily without adult supervision?

GypsyMoth Mon 01-Aug-11 10:25:01

He can scramble eggs. Yanbu

mistlethrush Mon 01-Aug-11 10:26:07

My 6 yo can make an omelette himself with very little intervention - so by the time he's 12 he'll definitely be able to do that sort of thing.

DH started being in charge (completely) of doing Sunday Lunch from about 14yo I think - clearly a lot more than just frying an egg.

manicbmc Mon 01-Aug-11 10:31:25

Dd could cook a full breakfast by the age of 7. Now's she's 16 she can barely rouse herself to make a cup of tea though. grin

startail Mon 01-Aug-11 10:36:11

My now 13 year old can cook bacon and omelettes and scrambled eggs, but doesn't like fried ones.
She and a friend can find a recipe, walkto the shop for cream and make very nice chocolate buns while I entertain their younger siblings.
She's also quite capable of cooking that which begins mince and onions .

feckwit Mon 01-Aug-11 10:37:12

Yes my 11 and 13 year old both can.

valiumredhead Mon 01-Aug-11 10:38:05

My ds 10 can make an ommlette and has been able to for a year, he can also knock up a lovely lemon drizzle cake!

slartybartfast Mon 01-Aug-11 10:39:15

nearly 12.
i think i might teach her today grin
although i think she can at scout camp

itisnearlysummer Mon 01-Aug-11 10:39:21

My 12 year old can but is too scared too!

My 5 year old makes a mean scrambled egg! Her only support is for H&S purposes.

startail Mon 01-Aug-11 10:40:30

I was a dab hand at scrambled eggs from an early age because my mum refused to do cooked tea.
(fair enough given she did full blown cooked lunch and cooked deserts and there'd be two or three kinds of home made cake in the box)

WidowWadman Mon 01-Aug-11 10:41:37

What is your 12 year old scared of? Salmonella?

upahill Mon 01-Aug-11 10:45:00

Yes he can but pretends he can't!!

DrGruntFotter Mon 01-Aug-11 10:49:06

Message withdrawn

aquos Mon 01-Aug-11 10:57:53

My 11yo wanted me to take the top of his boiled egg that I had made for him this morning. He looked quite affronted when I said that at 11 I expected him to take the top of his own egg. When I said next time he wanted a boiled egg I expected him to make it himself, he started muttering about calling Childline.

YANBU. My mil didn't even teach my dh to make a slice of toast, it was all done for him and I have sworn that my DC will not grow up like that.

HeidiKat Mon 01-Aug-11 11:00:37

It depends on the child really, I was quite a nervous child so wouldn't have been confident handling hot oil for frying, also I was (am grin) quite short so at that age before the big puberty growth spurt I might have had trouble reaching up to an adult height hob.

VitaEstBonus Mon 01-Aug-11 11:03:44

My just 13 yr old is now cooking entire meals from scratch! He's into Fay Ripley's book atm.

<won't last>

DooinMeCleanin Mon 01-Aug-11 11:03:55

My 7 year old can make omlette, scrambled eggs, tea and coffee, toast, toasties, warm food on the hob. She cannot/daren't use the main oven, just the grill and hob.

slartybartfast Mon 01-Aug-11 11:04:51

reminds me, i must buy some eggs.

Fennel Mon 01-Aug-11 11:08:01

11 and 9yos can cook quite a few things without supervision, including various forms of eggs (no bacon they are veggies).

11yo still not good on brushing her hair or washing though, or putting on clean clothes. Despite much nagging.

twinklypearls Mon 01-Aug-11 11:13:18

My 9 year old can cook, although we don't eat fried eggs so she could not fry an egg. I can't fry and egg as the thought makes me heave. She could poach, boil or scramble though.

miniwedge Mon 01-Aug-11 11:16:25

yes for dd1, no for dsd. Both 11.

DD1 wil also iron, wash up, make a cake with a little help (ie checking its cooked) and cook simple meals/put together a salad.

DSD will just about make a sandwich and juice.

zukiecat Mon 01-Aug-11 11:48:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

squeakytoy Mon 01-Aug-11 11:58:53

How can anyone not know how to scramble eggs????

You crack egg into a bowl, then you apply heat... either in a microwave or in a pan... it really is that simple!

PiousPrat Mon 01-Aug-11 12:05:35

My (very almost) 12 year old can't, no but then he does have SN so the chocolate brownies Thayer made yesterday from a packet mix were an awesome achievement for him.

My 10YO DS2 on the other hand, wants to apply to go on Junior Masterchef and over the holidays he regularly cooks the family dinner once a week. I used to supervise and help, but tbh he has had caution around the hot bits drilled into him for so long that I am happy to leave him to it now (obviously I supervised unseen from a distance for a while to make sure he wasn't forgetting that pans go on the back hob with handles pointed out of the way etc). He also has a better chopping technique than I do!

Cooking sort of became 'our thing' to do together for a while though,as it was the only thing we could do just the two of us that DS1 wouldn't be interested in as his tactile issues make most food prep uninteresting to him so he would wander off again and DS2 and I could have a bit of a chat while we cooked grin

Off topic a bit, but does anyone remember that Channel 4 show a couple of years ago, about a load of 10 year olds left to fend for themselves for a week? The girls could all bake, but I think only one could do more than make toast and all the boys were utterly useless in the kitchen. When it came to sending them shopping I think the boys just got a couple of video games and a butt load of crisps. That would be when I vowed to make sure my DC could fend for themselves a bit better.

wannabesybil Mon 01-Aug-11 12:06:46

I can't fry an egg (in 40s), though I can make a tasty souffle (sweetcorn souffle is brilliant, filling, tasty and fun)

My little bear can't cook anything - at four and one half. Do I need to raise my game?

Also, kitchen is on a different floor to anywhere else, so I hovering. And what should I start with.

(I scramble eggs in the microwave as they are less likely to over cook than if I use a pan)

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