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to be appalled at the increase of text speak on Mumsnet?

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AnUnnamedSource Wed 04-May-11 06:10:25

There seems to be a lot more "ur", "lols", "u" etc than usual.

Am I being unreasonable and old or is it annoying others?

madwomanintheattic Wed 04-May-11 06:29:38

it's annoying me.

if it proliferates further, i shall be orf. it makes my head ache and re-run vicky pollard on a loop.

although it does appear to be catching, as i found myself typing 'tho' twice today.

i like to think it is restricted to a first post or maybe two, and then the perpetrators catch on. but i wouldn't know, as i never click on threads with txt spk in the title.

<old fogey emoticon>


stuffthenonsense Wed 04-May-11 06:29:47

Its annoying me too. I was brought up that if a job is worth doing it is worth doing well. I tend to ignore the textspeak posts. If you can't be bothered writing properly I can't be bothered reading your post.

RainbowShite Wed 04-May-11 06:53:05

Appalled? You clearly have led a very sheltered life.

Numberfour Wed 04-May-11 06:54:36

It annoys me too, but what worries me more is that it is becoming more and more like another language that "the younger generation" speak. No need to learn how to spell if you write in a lower form of phonetics.

Bunbaker Wed 04-May-11 07:00:56

"I tend to ignore the textspeak posts. If you can't be bothered writing properly I can't be bothered reading your post."

Same here. I'm not appalled, but irritated by text speak. It should be confined to mobile phones only. Writing in textspeak on anything other than mobile phones is simply lazy and should never be accepted as the norm in written communication. It also makes the contributor appear less educated IMO.

Bunbaker Wed 04-May-11 07:01:25

And I'm an old fogey and don't even use textspeak on my mobile anyway!

handsoffmycake Wed 04-May-11 07:03:41

I dont find textspeak easy to read at all.

It is a shame people cannot be bothered to write things proper any more grin

AngryBeaver Wed 04-May-11 07:07:43

Y wots up wiv u,lol,pmsl!


MinnieBar Wed 04-May-11 07:08:08

Perhaps we should all start posting delightfully passive-aggressive responses to every instance we see — I remember ages ago (back when it was actually rare) seeing a response along the lines of 'I don't mean to be rude, but here on MN we don't really do textspeak. You'd probably get more replies if you didn't use it' (my translation: fuck off back to Netmums unless you stop). grin

AnUnnamedSource Wed 04-May-11 07:12:21

Yes perhaps appalled was a bit strong.

Can I reword my title to slightly annoyed? Thanks. grin

imnobody Wed 04-May-11 07:16:07

I very rarely use it on my mobile either. While I can see why it is used on mobiles I find it annoying here. Surely if you have managed to train your fingers to text speak you can train them to type properly on a keyboard.

Also I find it annoying when I go on to a post and its one huge chunk of writing with no paragraphs. I find it hard to read and end up giving up.

allgonebellyup Wed 04-May-11 07:22:54


meditrina Wed 04-May-11 07:23:40

There was even a "lol" on one of the threads announcing the death of Polly Styrene.

And I don't think it meant "lots of love" - even though that's the way people my age tend to read it.

fartingfran Wed 04-May-11 07:39:43

I'm with you. It's an abysmal scourge. And I'm not even (that) old. Bah.

randomimposter Wed 04-May-11 07:39:46


It really grates on me.

Irritates me if used excessively in text messages too, beyond the "u" abbreviation which is just about ok. grin

Ragwort Wed 04-May-11 07:47:08

Totally agree - I also refuse to use text speak on my moblie - actually I very rarely use a mobile - if I want to 'get a message' to someone I pick up the telephone (landline grin) and 'phone them.

<very old fashioned luddite emoticon>

Crevix Wed 04-May-11 07:54:45

YANBU. I read textspeak in a particular accent which is not attractive in the slightest.

SlightlyScrambled Wed 04-May-11 07:57:09

I ignore the posts with text speak also.

I often wonder how people are rolling around on the floor laughing but still able to type. Have they their moblies held out as they roll around. Creates a strange image for me.

To add to my grumpiness, I think the smilies are sometimes excessively used too. A ration of one smiley per paragraph would be my suggestion.

c0rn51lk Wed 04-May-11 07:58:27


errr...isn't that textspeak?!

randomimposter Wed 04-May-11 08:00:56

I think it's more an accepted FLA?

<guilty of occasional overuse of smilies>

usualsuspect Wed 04-May-11 08:02:38

lmfao grin smile wink

sorry I never read the MN rule book smile

upahill Wed 04-May-11 08:02:55


It doesn't bother me. Everything changes and evolves even language.

GooseberryFool Wed 04-May-11 08:03:42

I hate text speak - it seriously makes my eyes itch to read it. It's just lazy lazy lazy and although possibly excusable in a 12 year old it's just wrong on so many level in an adult.

usualsuspect Wed 04-May-11 08:06:55

Lazy is ok

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