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To not bother to do anything with this money

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PunningClan Sun 12-Dec-10 19:44:04

My DCs recently planned to do a sponsored walk and got a lot of money from family and friends in sponsorship (about £100).

On the day of the walk it all went wrong as someone was threatened with a sexual assault and some wimpy father called the police. This put an end to the walk hmm

I am so annoyed with this over-reaction that I utterly refuse to send the [unearned] money to the charity it was intended for.

I can't imagine finding the time to send the money back to its donors. Of course I would never spend it. AIBU to just sort of leave it?

Schnullerbacke Sun 12-Dec-10 19:45:36

YABU - it's not the charity's fault that someone called the police.

HippyChristmaspotamus Sun 12-Dec-10 19:45:38

why on earth aren't you sending it to the charity?

lukewarmcupofmulledwine Sun 12-Dec-10 19:47:34

Errr, give it back or give it to charity. Anything else wouldn't just B U, it would be immoral and possibly illegal.

Bingtata Sun 12-Dec-10 19:48:09

Eh? Someone was threatened with a sexual assault and you think the person who called the police was in the wrong?

And what does 'just sort of leave it' mean? I'd be pissed off if you did that with my charity donation!

RockinRobinBird Sun 12-Dec-10 19:48:40

Someone was threatened with sexual assault and the person who called the police was "wimpy"?

And what does that have to do with anything. If you have money in your possession that was intended to go to charity then give it to them. It's not yours to decide otherwise.

taintedsnow Sun 12-Dec-10 19:50:24

I think you need to give more information, because you sound like someone who doesn't take sexual assault very seriously, and is thinking about inadvertently stealing from a charity.

Hulababy Sun 12-Dec-10 19:50:52

Why are you annoyed that a father called the police when their were allegations of sexual assault?

You are very unreasonable not to send the money to the charity. If you keep it surely it is stealing?

Hulababy Sun 12-Dec-10 19:51:03

there not their

rubyslippers Sun 12-Dec-10 19:51:09


Give it to the charity

Or return it to the donors

Not your money to keep

PunningClan Sun 12-Dec-10 19:52:09

OK well according to my DD, a 16 year old girl nearly had her boob groped by a passing stranger. She jumped out of the way and shouted abuse and he ran away.

rubyslippers Sun 12-Dec-10 19:53:02

What if it had been your DD who had nearly been assaulted?

Hulababy Sun 12-Dec-10 19:54:26

I believe it is a criminal offence that can result in a prison sentence - google the offence.

thisisyesterday Sun 12-Dec-10 19:54:51

well when it is your DD narrowly missing getting groped you come back and talk to us about it

until then, give the money to the charity it was intended for you spiteful woman/man

taintedsnow Sun 12-Dec-10 19:55:44

And because of that, you're thinking about depriving a charity of money?


It was not an overreaction, and any reasonable person would do the same.


Bingtata Sun 12-Dec-10 19:56:13


A person who attempts to grab at a 16 year old girl's breasts in what I can only assume is a crowded area in daylight should be reported to the police. What might have happened if he hadn't picked such a fiesty 16 year old?

Idlegirl83 Sun 12-Dec-10 19:56:36

What do you mean 'just sort of leave it'?!
How is it the charity's fault that the walk was called off?
What about all the people who gave their money in good faith?
If you don't hand the money over, I hope you give it back to the people who donated it otherwise that is called STEALING!

Hulababy Sun 12-Dec-10 19:56:58

So a concerned father is now a wimp for standing up for his teenage daughter? So, you condone a passing stranger who fancies a gope? You would be happy for hsi actiosn to go unaccounted for and leaving him free to accost another young girl, who might not get out of his way quick eough next time? You'd be happy if this was ypour daughter it happens to then?

saffy85 Sun 12-Dec-10 19:56:58

The girl was sexually assaulted. Someone called police. This is not wimpy hmm

You however are totally spineless to think that this now makes it ok to keep this cash for yourself. Isn't that theft? Either return to donors or hand over to the charity. And yes YABU. And an idiot.

IAmReallyFabNow Sun 12-Dec-10 19:57:12




Hulababy Sun 12-Dec-10 19:59:29

It is fraud. It is a offence that can lead to a prison sentence.

MollieO Sun 12-Dec-10 20:00:23

If you kept the money wouldn't it be a crime - obtaining money by deception? You need to check with the donors as to what they would prefer you to do. Since the sponsored event did not take place you should return the money to the donors unless they authorise you to forward the money to the charity. Either way it is not your money to keep.

fortyplus Sun 12-Dec-10 20:02:15

YABU (totally) It's not your money - the donors gave it to the charity not to you.

It's not 'wimpy' to have reported the potential assault - it's certainly not your decision to make a judgement like that.

None of it is the fault of the charity - don't STEAL their money angry

MrsChemistrySetInMyStocking Sun 12-Dec-10 20:02:33

YABU, just give the money to the charity if you can't be arsed to send it back to the donors.

beautyguru Sun 12-Dec-10 20:09:07

Are you actually serious or are you just trying to provoke a reaction from us all??shock If I had paid sponser money I would be livid if you "just left it" (in your bank account???) It should def be given to the charity, walk or no walk. Cant actually believe you had to ask the question confused.

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