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Eczema/fungal advice sought!

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marz Tue 08-Aug-06 21:37:34

If the eczema has a fungal infection and is treated with Canestan, how many days does it take to start showing results? I have only been treating for 24hrs so far but it is no better at all and I had sort of thought it might be quite quick....and am wondering if it is not a fungal infection....
Anyone with any advice please?

chetu Tue 08-Aug-06 22:17:31

Hi Marz!

My 8th month old daughter has eczema for about 3 months now. I tried lots of lotions, but now I am now content with Oilatum Bath additive and use Epaderm to moisturise every couple of hours. I give her plenty of water to drink in between feeds so to help healthe skin as we all know that water is helps to purify the skin.

If her itching gets really bad, I use hydrocortizone steroid cream and apply to affected areas twice a day. This cream clears the redness after a few days but it's not very good in the long run as it can 'thin' the skin.

With Eczema in general, it is one of those allegies which you must keep control of, as you may find that for a week or two that the skin is clear then all of a sudden it will flare up again. Eventually the ezcema should clear when the skin matures as the child gets older. Only time will tell

MrsBadger Tue 08-Aug-06 22:21:36

fungal infections can take ages to clear - I'd leave it 5 days or a week before panicking, but if it looks bacterially infected (ie yellow and with pus) I'd consult GP as antibiotic cream may do the trick.

marz Tue 08-Aug-06 22:23:48

Thanks Mrs Badger, def not bacterial...just looks like lots of eczema...but quite round patches and more than normal that does not seem to holes in middle so prob not ringworm...although if the canestan does not work, I might start doubting myself again!
will try and wait a few days now though...

misdee Tue 08-Aug-06 22:25:27

i started a threa din health the other day as dd3 eczema had gone all circular. we concluded she has discoid eczema

MrsBadger Tue 08-Aug-06 22:25:58

sounds a bit like impetigo to me... who recommended the Canestan? GP? Pharmacist? If not GP may be worth a visit..

marz Tue 08-Aug-06 22:26:59

thanks, I was specifically asking about fungal infections mixed with eczema...I have grown up with eczema and have 2 dd's with it so have been dealing with it for over 5 years now....
and still come to mumsnet for reminders!!

marz Tue 08-Aug-06 22:28:39

oh god...well, it was me who went to GP with suggestion that it was fungal...I just vaguely remembered that sometime over the past 3 yrs we had been through it before. New GP...not seen her b4 and am with new surgery who I think know rather less than me about eczema....might go and look at impetigo though...and compare it...

misdee Tue 08-Aug-06 22:35:13


marz Tue 08-Aug-06 22:38:42

Think is not scabby or sore or weeping...just quite red and dry looking.

marz Tue 08-Aug-06 22:39:34

Hate looking at all these pics...they make me itchy!! Just been looking at pics of impetigo...

misdee Tue 08-Aug-06 22:40:38

dd3 isnt scabby or sore, or weepy, its more like \link{\this pic)

she has circular patches under her arms, her chest, her wrists, knees and lower legs.

misdee Tue 08-Aug-06 22:40:56

this one??

misdee Tue 08-Aug-06 22:41:19

impetigo is crusty looking isnt it?

marz Tue 08-Aug-06 22:43:07

did you mean pic no 534 and 533?

God...gonna be ill...!! But yes, that is what it looks like but bigger...lots on legs and arms, hands bad...with normal looking very dry what is treatment? Same as normal eczema?

marz Tue 08-Aug-06 22:44:09

So when I have looked at god knows what holey skin...I get to click on your little link!!!
Thanks...seriously, yes impteigo is crusty...

misdee Tue 08-Aug-06 22:45:18

yes 533.

think its the same, hydrocostisone ointment (not cream) and usual emoillant, look for signs of infection (crusting, weepy, oozing etc) and ask for fucidin H if needed.


misdee Tue 08-Aug-06 22:47:49

apparently its a right b*gger to shift. dd3 needs to see the GP about it really, atm its not bothering her too much so am not overly concerned.

marz Tue 08-Aug-06 22:47:52

Thanks gave me advice and support years ago...and were one of the ones who got me to Dr Atherton....have not forgotten you...!
Will trot back to GP tomorrow to discuss it with them.

misdee Tue 08-Aug-06 22:49:37

i have never actually been to see Dr Atherton myself, but everyone recommends him. our local specialists dermo is brilliant, and dd1 gets referred back easily each time we need him.

marz Tue 08-Aug-06 22:54:06

Wish I could have said the same about our consultants...they were not particularly helpful and now we have no private medical insurance anymore. Still...hope that it will get better, not sure why it would have just changed do drastically though, can't help wondering (or maybe hoping?!) if it is some infection as it might be easier to deal with than discoid!

misdee Tue 08-Aug-06 22:54:50

apparently the discid can start with a small scratch. i'll just see what i can find out about the treatments for it.

misdee Tue 08-Aug-06 22:56:14

from the eczema society.

Discoid eczema

Is usually found in adults and appears suddenly as a few coin shaped areas of red skin, normally on the trunk or lower legs. They become itchy and can weep fluid. Usually discoid eczema is treated with emollients (and steroid creams if necessary)

find it strange that dd3 who is onlyu 18montsh has got it.

marz Tue 08-Aug-06 22:59:07

I just looked on google inbetween my itching, (why does it do that to soon as I focus on eczema...that itching comes..most annoying!) and saw it is pretty much treated the same as atopic eczema...but her eczema got worse with hot weather, and then has at some stage just developed to this, could it be infections...dirty paddling pool water, (not in past 2 weeks but before that)
it is just such a minefield. Must say it is not overly ithcy compared to her normal eczema...

marz Tue 08-Aug-06 22:59:58

do you have bigger blotches? dd2 has big patches on her knees..big like tennis ball size

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