Urgh. Fallen for a scam

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BingeOnChocolate Tue 21-Sep-21 22:12:26

Yep. I know I know, Facebook market place is full of scammers and I should definitely know better but I was sucked up in thinking I was finally going to get my hands on a dyson airwrap complete. I've been wanting one for ages but every time I go to buy it, it's out of stock so resorted to second hand.

Scammer said they moved due to studies, which seemed reasonable as I checked the profile, and said they would post today recorded delivery if I wanted to bank transfer. Stupidly after even discussing with DP at the possibility of a scam I transferred the funds apparently to their 'dad' as 'she' had a new phone and didn't have her banking app set up yet. My banking app confirmed the name was a complete match which made me feel reassured and I did click I was buying online goods - hopefully that will help with any recall should funds remain. The scammer did send a photo of the parcel showing my address whilst in the post office but when asked for a tracking reference refused to provide one.

I resorted to asking a friend to message to see if it's available from their account. Low and behold, it apparently still is and they encountered the same spill I did sad

However, I have managed to locate the toe rags actual Facebook given their name is unusual as per the banking transfer. They are 17 and posted photos of mummy and daddy's car complete with number plates and subsequently found their mum's Facebook as a result of them commenting on the photo. Again, lots of public information including them holding a senior job in the NHS....

I have already reported to action fraud and my bank but the likelihood of having my money back is zilch. I'm half tempted to message the mum and ask if her child X has bank account ABC then I suggest they make arrangements to return the funds but equally don't want to get into a tit for tat. I know it's definitely them though as the sort code of the bank matches their Facebook location and google says it's a little village.

somewhat pointless thread so I can vent at how stupid and naive I was for a bloody hair styler.

Lesson firmly learnt and I'll just need to be quicker when the in stock emails land next time

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CleopatrasBeautifulNose Tue 21-Sep-21 22:15:39

Think I'd calmly approach the mum in a adult to adult here's what's happened, thought you'd best know as it wasn't hard for me to link this to you and it could be worse next time you're darling decides to scam someone. Would you like to help me?

CleopatrasBeautifulNose Tue 21-Sep-21 22:16:00

Kind of a way.

LIZS Tue 21-Sep-21 22:16:20

Are you sure the fb account has not been hacked or cloned?

annacondom Tue 21-Sep-21 22:17:21

Gosh, how annoying! Some people really are the lowest of the low. Don't blame yourself too much - sounds as if they're really convincing. I would message the parents - you never know. Have you told your bank?

CovidCorvid Tue 21-Sep-21 22:19:21

I’d definitely message the mum and threaten to contact the police.

Firkinhavinalaugh Tue 21-Sep-21 22:21:10

It’s a criminal action - why wouldn’t you do everything you could to get the money back?


BingeOnChocolate Tue 21-Sep-21 22:21:58

Yes banks aware but said the beneficiary bank has 30 days to respond and 99% there's no funds left to recover. sad

That was my initial thought of an FYI because once I started really looking it wasn't that hard to find the beneficiary account holders Facebook as they gave me the middle name for the payment too which the account I've found also has included. The FB account has images back to 2014

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BingeOnChocolate Tue 21-Sep-21 22:22:38

Pressed too early!
Back to 2014 so I'm confident it's not been hacked in the way of regular photos And family commenting on them

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geeses Tue 21-Sep-21 22:24:14

Contact the mum and give her the opportunity to refund you before you go to the police. It might be in your favour that it's a little shit of a child doing this...

So sorry for you though. There's a Dyson Airwrap group on Facebook with tips on how to buy second hand. These items are frequently used for scams.

notapizzaeater Tue 21-Sep-21 22:24:40

I'd def write to the mum before I passed all the info onto the police !

MaverickDanger Tue 21-Sep-21 22:24:59

A relative’s FB was hacked and reactivated & used recently for a scam.

They shared a couple of new memes and generic posts to make it seem more up to date & of course it still had all her old photos and posts so made it seem genuine.

Fingers crossed it is the 17 year old & she gets a massive kick up the arse from her mum, but it could be possible that it’s been hacked.

FasterthanBolt Tue 21-Sep-21 22:25:30

Contact the parent! I don't think you have anything to lose by doing so.

Skiptheheartsandflowers Tue 21-Sep-21 22:25:54

I would definitely contact the mum and say you wanted to let her know the situation before you passed all the information you've found onto the police. Who knows, she may have a conscience even if her daughter does not. In her shoes I would refund you somehow and my daughter would be paying me back even if it took years.

If she doesn't respond, just report it all to the police and they can handle it. Don't let her think she can just keep doing this though.

geeses Tue 21-Sep-21 22:26:07

Also, if you're still looking, QVC has the airwrap in stock at the mo.

OrlandointheWilderness Tue 21-Sep-21 22:26:36

God I'd be messaging the mum right away lol!

SunshineThelma Tue 21-Sep-21 22:29:02

Are they doing it, or has their account been compromised and in someone else's control? Thats how money muling works. The kid may not be aware, or may think they're 'helping out a friend'. Stupid, yes, but not the thief.

SynchroSwimmer Tue 21-Sep-21 22:31:08

And take screenshots of all the Facebook links as evidence - while they are still visible

BingeOnChocolate Tue 21-Sep-21 22:38:15

Thanks everyone. I posted more to clear my chest because I feel like an absolute idiot.

Have screenshot everything including the photos of the cars on the drive as it included the number plates so my thoughts were the police can trace via DVLA.

Ive wrote something out on my notes that's more of a FYI and a chance for parent to refund me before it becomes more serious. Hopefully they will see it with all this new message request business on Facebook. I haven't pointed fingers in my draft but said I paid FLOSSY FULL NAME to account ending XXXX so if this is their child, here's what's happened. As I said, sort code checker showed the opening branch of being in the same village so I'm more confident that I'm right than wrong in the person it is. If it is a scam, then they need to see how a bank opened an account for said scammer given ID would have needed to be used for a 17 year old for sure.

Oh and I'll check QVC too - I need the complete long ideally!

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VladmirsPoutine Tue 21-Sep-21 22:42:07

FWIW you make an excellent sleuth!! I hope you get your money back!

Blueskythinking123 Tue 21-Sep-21 22:46:50

Good luck op, I hope you get yours money back.

chequeredinlove Tue 21-Sep-21 22:48:05

FYI Selfridges always get them in stock, just keep checking

BingeOnChocolate Tue 21-Sep-21 22:56:44

Message to Mum sent!

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MadeForThis Tue 21-Sep-21 23:00:22

Excellent detective work. Hopefully the mum is mortified and pays you back.

CyclingIsNotOuting Tue 21-Sep-21 23:02:13


Message to Mum sent!

Good for you OP!
I’d absolutely refund you if it were my child!
What I would do to them is unprintable…!

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