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Dry skin on feet, round nails all ragged skin. WARNING PIC ATTACHED

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Shehasadiamondinthesky Tue 16-Feb-21 22:23:56

They are just horrendously dry. You need to put on flexitol cream every single day for one month and you will not believe the difference. They will look like new feet. But you need to do it for a whole month then three times a week.
My feet look much worse that that if I don't cream them, now they look silky smooth.

Dora26 Tue 16-Feb-21 22:21:07

Coconut oil at night works for me - not expensive

Mapletreelane Tue 16-Feb-21 22:19:42

Some people are just prone to dry skin on feet. Scholl electric pedi footfile or any equivalent type device is used every night for a few weeks, followed by nightly slathering of heel balm for cracked heels (flexitol as suggested is fab) , moisturise your toes and toenails and then sleep in cotton socks. You'll notice a difference in a few days, and after a few weeks you can go from daily to every few days.

My feet were worse than yours a few years ago but maintenance every few days means they are always summer ready. The electric foot file really helps.

Good luck .

addicted2spaniels Tue 16-Feb-21 22:17:47

I'm diabetic, and have the worst dry skin on my feet.

My go to is Margaret Dabbs foot hygiene cream. It's not cheap but lasts ages, I go through around 2 to 3 pots a year.

dexterslockedintheshedagain Tue 16-Feb-21 22:14:25

Can I also add to the above, nail oil from boots on your toenails twice a day will also help. £6 a bottle from Boots, but lasts ages

Viviennemary Tue 16-Feb-21 22:14:19

Go to a chiropodist. They're trained in feet problems. That varnish looks a bit lethal. Could you be allergic to it.

Fullofpudding Tue 16-Feb-21 22:13:12

Get yourself an electric nail drill and file it away. I've got one and it's the best my nails have ever looked.

Bargebill19 Tue 16-Feb-21 22:11:36

Don’t be embarrassed- they don’t look bad. You should see mine after a week at work! A Friday night foot pampering session sorts them out.

lionpaws Tue 16-Feb-21 22:02:16

I had exactly the same problem a few weeks ago. I used those exfoliating foot socks and then when the peeling was finished I started foot cream twice a day. I love the Bert's Bees one, the Palmers one is good too. My feet are now sandal ready!!

StepawayfromtheBiscuittin Tue 16-Feb-21 22:00:09

O'Keeffes do a really good dry foot cream too. Got it in boots I think.

TierFourTears Tue 16-Feb-21 21:59:04

Exfoliate or file, and mountains of foot moisturiser. I like soap and glory heel genius. Flexitol is often recommended.

StormsDontLastForever Tue 16-Feb-21 21:58:43

Thank you all for the advice. Honestly so embarrased to even have posted but just need to get these feet sorted for summer

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Bargebill19 Tue 16-Feb-21 21:57:48

Soak, pumice and moisturiser. Flexitol is fab. Repeat regularly.

TotheletterofthelawTHELETTER Tue 16-Feb-21 21:52:55

Get some flexitol and apply morning and night. It’ll really help.

StopMakingATitOfUrselfNPissOff Tue 16-Feb-21 21:43:37

They look very dry. I’d start with lots of moisturiser. I’d also (when able!) go for a professional pedicure. They’ll sort your nails right out

StormsDontLastForever Tue 16-Feb-21 21:33:51

Please help with nail and dry skin advice. How can I get rid of this dry skin and mess of nails please? A few months ago I thought it was a fungal infection, took nail clippings to gp surgery to be analysed and they came back clear? I am so ashamed to show off my feet it makes me feel nauseous when I look at how much of a mess they are in sad

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