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Friendsoneuptown Wed 06-Jan-21 18:06:13

Looking for suggestions please for the three of us. DS is 13. Thanks.

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ShoesJerry Wed 06-Jan-21 18:08:34

We are a family of 3 and DS is nearly 12. We like Carcassone, Ticket to Ride, Sushi Go (that's a card game), Scotland Yard, and just got Catan for Christmas so are figuring that out atm.

Ragwort Wed 06-Jan-21 18:08:38

Monopoly, Cluedo, Mexican Train, Rummikub, Articulate ...

Stompythedinosaur Wed 06-Jan-21 19:31:06

Settlers of Catan
Ticket to Ride
Small World

Friendsoneuptown Wed 06-Jan-21 19:45:00

Thanks. Lots of these I’ve not heard of!

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catinb00tz Wed 06-Jan-21 19:45:46

Scotland Yard is brilliant! I play it with DS22 and DS9 they both love it

anyoldname76 Wed 06-Jan-21 19:46:06

Our favourite game is talisman


Hazelnutlatteplease Wed 06-Jan-21 19:51:51

Dump monopoly!!!! Burn it

Yy to stompy and shoes choices. Also
Lords of waterdeep

hels71 Wed 06-Jan-21 20:12:12

DD is 13. We like Scotland Yard, Cluedo, 221b Baker Street, Qwirkle, Tribal Pursuit, Rummikub, Forbidden Island...

iklboo Wed 06-Jan-21 20:12:51

Richard Osman's House Of Games

VerbenaGirl Wed 06-Jan-21 20:14:47

We just got Outsmarted and it’s great.

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