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How do you make your coffee? Cafetiere, Aeropress or something else?

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everyonebutme Sun 30-Aug-20 06:35:37

I like a cup of coffee or two in the morning but don't drink much the rest of the day. I have very little worktop space in my kitchen. I used to have a traditional coffee machine which broke, then started using a cafetiere which I've now broken (it was a glass one). So now need to look for something else. Should I get another cafetiere? Or an Aeropress? Or is there a reasonably priced bean to cup machine that doesn't take up too much space. In case it makes a difference, I generally just have a black filter coffee.

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LeGrandBleu Sun 30-Aug-20 06:38:29

I have two, a glass filter coffee machine for my morning coffee (2 cups) and a Nespresso for the rest of the day.
If I could have only one, I would keep the filter one.

boatyardblues Sun 30-Aug-20 06:39:40

Cafetiere, individual cup-top drip filter or stovetop expresso maker, depending on location, time available, number of people and inclination.

mackerella Sun 30-Aug-20 06:42:05

Aeropress - makes great coffee and takes up very little space. We also have a cafetiere for if we're making coffee for several people (the downside of the Aeropress is that it is time-consuming to make coffee for more than 2 people).

erinaceus Sun 30-Aug-20 06:42:12

I use a cafetière (I always have a spare cafetière glass in the cupboard in case of breakages) and I have an aeropress too in case I fancy that instead. Like you I drink black coffee.

I do have a grinder too, I buy beans and grind them as I use them.

boatyardblues Sun 30-Aug-20 06:47:10

My stovetop expresso maker is like this but more stylish. We find a 6 cup one does 2-3 long lattés with hot milk. We also have a Mukka Express one where you put cold milk in the upper chamber and the coffee from the lower chamber steams through it. I can’t say it makes much foam, but it steams snd heats the milk well enough.

MysteriesOfTheOrganism Sun 30-Aug-20 06:48:42

I love a good cup of coffee, and have tried quite a few methods of the years. The best one for me is a Bialetti stovetop, which delivers good strength and flavour reliably. It just (but only just) pips the Aeropress - but this wins on speed and ease of disposal of the grounds. We use both daily. If I was forced to pick one, I'd toss a coin!

NotMeNoNo Sun 30-Aug-20 07:02:22

Aeropress. After a month we retired the Tassimo machine forever. We don't own a stovetop or bean to cup machine but its perfect for everyday. Illy espresso coffee in tins is good for it.

ImaSababa Sun 30-Aug-20 07:04:04

We have a stove-top machinetta.

everyonebutme Sun 30-Aug-20 07:04:32

Thanks for the replies so far. Still researching and just come across this as now also looking at stove top options. Anyone got one? It looks quite stylish!

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NationalBust Sun 30-Aug-20 07:05:48

Cafetière, but I have the insulated metal one from Sainsbury's after glass ones breaking. I'm the only coffee drinker in the house so have the single one.

Lumene Sun 30-Aug-20 07:12:50

Aeropress - so much easier and quicker to clean than a cafetière. Only good for one or two people per go though.

MysteriesOfTheOrganism Sun 30-Aug-20 07:17:28


Thanks for the replies so far. Still researching and just come across this as now also looking at stove top options. Anyone got one? It looks quite stylish!

My partner has the Bialetti Venus - probably makes the best coffee of the several different Bialettis we have.

VictoriaBun Sun 30-Aug-20 07:23:03

I must be the only coffee drinker about that doesn't rate the Aeropress.
I have a metal insulated cafeterie and get 2 decent mugs of coffee out of it.

Ihaventgottimeforthis Sun 30-Aug-20 07:28:22

We've got 2 bialetti like that for our induction hob, one 4 cup (does 2 mugs) one 8-10 beast (which is really 4-6 i suppose) - they're fab and we use it a few times daily. Much better than a cafetiere.
Miss my espresso machine - it broke pre lockdown - but this is such a good substitute it's hard to justify expenditure.
Does look good too.

eyeoresancerre Sun 30-Aug-20 07:29:43

LeGrandBleu - can I ask you which coffee you use for your filter coffee? The ones I try don't taste as good as I'd hoped. Thank you 😊

diplodocusinermine Sun 30-Aug-20 07:36:22

Aeropress, french press and nespresso (we like our coffee!). We used to have an expresso machine but it was too much faff. We also have a stove top for when we're camping.

I was amazed at how good coffee made with an Aeropress is - DH bought me one for Christmas last year then bought one for himself to use at work.

generalexpert Sun 30-Aug-20 07:36:31

Cheap (+small) Nespresso machine. Separate aeroccino milk frother for my macchiato.

middleager Sun 30-Aug-20 07:39:14

A small Nespresso as I hate cleaning anything else out! Hardly takes up any room.

AngusThermopyle Sun 30-Aug-20 07:39:25

I'm another that doesn't rate the Aeropress.
I use a glass pour over type. Chemex. Got it on Amazon. I have the single cup size and the double one, they also look nice.

WeddingGrump Sun 30-Aug-20 07:47:52

I also have an insulated cafitiere, which I bought after repeatedly breaking the glass insert of my previous one. I got mine from John Lewis for £40 but you can buy one which looks very similar from Sainsbury's for £22.

They do the smaller 3 cup size too.

Aeropress coffee is meant to be excellent but the need for disposible filters puts me off.

EasilyDelighted Sun 30-Aug-20 07:48:59

Aeropress here too, we have a little stand to hold the various sections tidily. We originally bought it to take camping but use it at home now and got rid of our Nespresso machine.

sunnyday1976 Sun 30-Aug-20 07:53:46

Aeropress - it seems to make even really cheap coffee taste good. It's also so easy to clean. You can get reusable filters for it (haven't tried this though).

secretrugbyfan Sun 30-Aug-20 07:54:51


Thanks for the replies so far. Still researching and just come across this as now also looking at stove top options. Anyone got one? It looks quite stylish!

Bought the 6 cup version of the from John Lewis yesterday (the 4 cup version was £18 on offer too!!). I wanted coffee similar to coffee shop standards and I thought I'd made a mistake as the coffee coming out of this yesterday wasn't too hot.

Have just done another one and it's much better, you just have to leave it to bubble away for a minute or two after the coffee has filled the top chamber.

I'm guessing a lot will also depend on the coffee that you use in it. I'm grinding seasonal espresso Red Brick beans from Square Mile Coffee Roasters....very nice!!!

Twilightstarbright Sun 30-Aug-20 07:55:10

I've just broken the cafetiere so was considering the aeropress as I'm the only coffee drinker. How does it work?

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