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If you could have all your old, much-loved worn-out clothes back again ...

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Time40 Tue 22-Oct-19 00:30:08

... would you want them?

I had the thought today that if all mine from the last 35 years re-appeared just as they were when they were new, and all the shoes and bags too, I would have the most fabulous wardrobe and I'd be so wildly, incredibly happy. I hate it when things I love wear out, and I miss them.

(I'd pass on the 80s batwing leather jacket with the frilly peplum, though.)

TryingToDrinkMoreWater Tue 22-Oct-19 08:21:37

Yes! I would love that! Obviously there are some things I'd never wear, but quite a few things I still sorely miss. I have size 2.5 feet, and need to go to a lot of trouble to find shoes that fit, and I'd love to have a few favourites back. Taking up dressmaking has enabled me to recreate some favourite clothes - I would highly recommend it.

anothernewusername1 Tue 22-Oct-19 08:28:12

I'll take that jacket OP!

LoonyLunaLoo Tue 22-Oct-19 08:29:36

Yes because the clothes of my teens are suddenly fashionable again!

fussychica Tue 22-Oct-19 08:33:48

Yes, especially a beautiful hooded leather jacket which was the envy of many friends. Not even sure why I got rid of itconfused. Had some lovely work outfits in the 80s but I'm retired now so they wouldn't be much use to me now.

squashyhat Tue 22-Oct-19 08:34:39

I had a brown cord man's jacket when I was at school in the mid-70s. One of the other girls gave it to me when she no longer wanted it - she got it from a jumble sale. It was lovely and in really good condition - leather buttons and everything. I kept it all through university but then in the 80s when I moved to London and everything was neon colours I ditched it. Every autumn since I have regretted it!

Time40 Tue 22-Oct-19 11:55:25

I'll take that jacket OP!

Lol! That was one of the very few things I threw out before it was anything like worn out, just because it was too dated even for me (I really don't mind being "dated", most of the time). Maybe now it's in someone's wardrobe as a prized vintage piece.

Taking up dressmaking has enabled me to recreate some favourite clothes - I would highly recommend it

I know. I know, I know, I know. This is my intention, but it's so hard to get around to it. I've got quite a few worn-out clothes I've saved to copy ... it hasn't happened yet. The thing I most want to re-create is a 1920s straight-up-and-down velvet coat with a big square collar and one button. I wore that for twenty years, and absolutely loved it to death - literally, in fact. I will copy that coat - I swear I will.

Every autumn since I have regretted it!

That sounds like a lovely jacket, squashy. I used to wear a lot of beautiful vintage men's clothes in the 80s. I feel your pain.

kalinkafoxtrot45 Tue 22-Oct-19 15:41:08

I wish I could have my old Siouxsie T-shirt back. I got it when I was 15 and wore it till it was in rags. Also a wine red Monsoon suit, I would fit into it again now.

Daysofpearlyspencer Tue 22-Oct-19 15:48:40

My Levi 501s women's fit jeans that they no longer make, from theb1980s and my sepia brown velvet swing coat from the 1970s

lovelygreenjumper Tue 22-Oct-19 15:55:59

My Levi 501s women's fit jeans that they no longer make, from theb1980s

I was very excited to discover not long ago that my mum had kept 4 pairs of mine in the back of a cupboard (on the basis that they were in her mind quite expensive and not to be thrown away just because they were no longer fashionable). Even more excitingly I had just lost quite a bit of weight so I'm back to the same dress size I was then. But it turns out clothes sizes have changed so they are way too small....but my teenage DD is delighted with her new vintage jeans!

Unluckyinlove2019 Tue 22-Oct-19 19:36:22

I used to love my Kappa tracksuits in the 90s, and Fila are having a revival at the minute although I haven't bought anything for myself. DD is reliving history with a pair of their platform trainers and loves them grin

AndromedaPerseus Tue 22-Oct-19 23:03:03

A white M&S wrapover long skirt with a double row of brass buttons on the front panel. A cream pair of 1920s inspired shoes from Saxones which I wore until they fell apart. A pair of blue/ grey Nike sandals which I bought and wore while backpacking around Oz 20 years ago.
A black silk chenille cardigan which I ruined in the washing machine

NightsOfCabiria Tue 22-Oct-19 23:15:21

Oh god yes.

I was just thinking this the other day.

I used to have some beautiful clothes which I’d casually throw out after a year or two, including;

a soft, thick black open cut work high neck halter top that was beautifully tailored.
A gorgeous black blazer with slim silk lapels, cuffs and pockets, again, beautifully tailored.
A pair of slim charcoal cigarette trousers
A sand coloured, cotton aviator jacket with cream sheepskin lining
A scandi style cream & red jumper
A midnight blue velvet off the shoulder long sleeved halter neck knee length dress
An identical one in racing green
A pair of sheepskin boots

Sigh. I wish I’d kept all my old clothes but I’d need an aircraft hanger to store them!

Time40 Wed 23-Oct-19 02:11:03

Oh good - I'm so glad that there a few people like me. I wondered if everyone would say, "Eeek no - too dated".

A cream pair of 1920s inspired shoes from Saxones which I wore until they fell apart

Were they bought in the mid-80s, Andromeda? There was a wonderful short period in the 80s when there were a lot of reproduction vintage shoes. Victorian lace-up boots were all over the place (I had two much-loved pairs of those). I've still got three pairs of 20s-style shoes, and a pair of black grosgrain 40s-style evening shoes - all from Dolcis. God, I used to love Dolcis.

Equimum Wed 23-Oct-19 08:12:27

I had some amazing light grey cords when j was at sixth form. I think I cried when they wore out. They were my favourite thing ever!

TheFatberg Wed 23-Oct-19 08:14:06

I had some lovely trousers from Miss Selfridge about 15 years ago. So comfortable and flattering. I'd like my figure to go back in them and 10 pairs of those trousers to last me a good while.

JMAngel1 Wed 23-Oct-19 08:20:34

I was just thinking about this the other day.
I had the most beautiful butter soft belted black leather jacket - it was literally perfect. I culled it when I got pregnant thinking I would never fit into it again. Did this with so many of my clothes. The irony was I was back to my usual size around a month after having DD! I could weep thinking about all I got rid of - a perfect black dress with a teeny waist and slighly flared skirt, boat neck, very Sophia Loren. A gorgeous raspberry velvet fitted blazer, a black high waisted tulip mini skirt that I am literally looking to replace now and can't find one anywhere!

notthemum Wed 23-Oct-19 08:27:04

A leather jacket I had in the 80s and wore to death. I still couldn't part with it though and only threw it out a few years ago.
Had some fantastic clothes but one mad and regrettable weekend I decided that I wouldn't wear them again and threw them all out. Must have had too much 🍷

evilharpy Wed 23-Oct-19 08:38:11

I had a tan (real) leather belted trench coat from Dorothy Perkins of all places, would have been the early 2000s. it was beautiful. I have no idea why I got rid of it but have regretted it bitterly ever since and a comparable one would cost shitloads.

Stravapalava Wed 23-Oct-19 09:22:58

I'd like some of my coats from childhood back. My dear departed Nanna always used to buy me a good quality coat every winter. I particularly remember a red wool one with a black velvet collar, cuffs and buttons that I would totally wear now, if it could grow to my size!

Stravapalava Wed 23-Oct-19 09:24:11

Oh and a pair of pinstripe work trousers from Morgan. They were the only ones I've ever had that fitted me perfectly!

jackparlabane Wed 23-Oct-19 09:43:28

I'd like about half of them, assuming they magically fit rather than being 3 sizes too small. In particular a long tweed overcoat that was my dad's in the 60s and I wore to death over 10 years, getting it relined twice, and a droopy paisley shirt from Covent Garden Market which my mum hated and the teachers at sixth form also hated but it had a collar and top button so technically met the rules.

Time40 Wed 23-Oct-19 22:02:17

I culled it when I got pregnant thinking I would never fit into it again. Did this with so many of my clothes. The irony was I was back to my usual size around a month after having DD

Nooooo! Oh dear. I feel your pain.

All the descriptions of the clothes on this thread are so loving ... I can imagine them all, and I want the whole lot.

Wolfiefan Wed 23-Oct-19 22:03:34

I just wish I could trade my old worn out body for the one I had back then. grin

Crunchymum Wed 23-Oct-19 22:08:03

If I could also have my old body back then yep I'd take the clothes too grin

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