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Advent calendar with Christmassy tasks and activities?

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Wallace Thu 12-Nov-09 20:41:35

I remember someone posting about this last year. Instead of chocolate, each pocket of the advent calendar has something like "make christmas cookies" or "decorate the tree".

I would love to do one this year, but need inspiration for the 24 tasks/activities.


YohoAhoy Fri 13-Nov-09 09:33:41

THis seems to have some good ideas

Wallace Fri 13-Nov-09 20:41:10

Thank you

nappyaddict Mon 07-Dec-09 14:56:44

Make cinnamon bread

Make chocolate spoons

Make snowman cookies

Make christmas hot chocolate
Make chocolate fruity skewers
Watch a Xmas DVD
Read a Xmas story
Sing a Xmas song for the play
Make xmas tree cookies to hang on tree
Buy and decorate xmas tree
Put outside lights up
Make jam tarts
Make mince pies
Get ready for christmas play
Make gingerbread men
Go shopping for ingredients
Go to the woods to collect pine cones
Spray paint pine cones
Make gingerbread cupcakes
Go to see Santa
Deliver xmas presents
Go xmas food shopping

Smithagain Mon 07-Dec-09 15:08:12

It was meeeeeee! Wow - not only am I in Discussions of the Day, but someone remembers my thread from last year. I've arrived!!!

(Sorry, I don't get out much).

We did it. It was fab, if a bit pretentious. But my daughters loved it.

Top tip is not to put the next day's in until they are in bed, so that (a) it is surprising and interesting and (b) if you are completely shagged out by the stress of nativity costume making, shopping, etc etc, you can put "watch Christmassy DVD" in the next day's pocket.

We did a mixture of craft activities (paper chains, snowflakes, cards for teachers, tree decorations etc), Church events (e.g. go to Christingle, wrap present for toy service), Challenges (e.g. sing a Christmas carol while standing on one leg, Imitate a turkey, Name three things that glitter, work out how many things were given during the Twelve Days of Christmas), Practical stuff (tidy bedroom! Choose clothes for Christmas morning)

Also nice things to do for others, e.g. decorate a tree outside with nuts and fat and toast for the birds, plus a star on top
Write a letter to grandparents
Find some old toys we can donate to a charity shop

Put xmas decs up
Go and buy xmas tree
Make some reindeer food (porridge oats and glitter in a little jar).
Make mince pies
Wrap presents
Write christmas cards
Go for a walk with a torch
Drink hot chocolate and watch a film (polar express/Santa Claus the movie
Eat crumpets and toast for tea
Read a Christmas book

Must go - school out very, very soon!

nappyaddict Mon 07-Dec-09 15:28:16

Just got out all DS' notes and some I forgot were

Dance to xmas CD
Make reindeer food
Make non-alcoholic mulled wine
Email Santa
Break up for Xmas
Go for a walk with torch to look at christmas lights
Go to Crib service
Go to the park and feed the ducks
Tidy bedroom for new toys
Do a treasure hunt
Draw a christmassy picture
Put out food for birds
Put out food for hedgehogs
Choose xmas day outfit
Go ice skating
Go to panto
Go to german market
Go to buy new xmas bauble each

nappyaddict Mon 07-Dec-09 15:34:59

More ideas

Have a christmassy bath
Make place cards
Read a christmas poem

Smithagain Mon 07-Dec-09 19:21:26

Christmassy bath ???

Wassat then?

(Visions of bath with bits of holly and cinnamon sticks floating around in it hmm grin)

mogs0 Mon 07-Dec-09 22:14:13

I have been rubbish at this so far this year. I have forgotten to fill it 3 times and todays I just put a piece of choc in there because I can't get my act together enough to write a note for it.

I'm going to go and get tomorrows task ready now. It's going to be 'make paper-chains' so nice and easy!!

AngryPixie Mon 07-Dec-09 22:23:49

I've done it this year and am loving it so far. I agree with putting the activity in each night ie not trying to plan it all ahead. Tomorrow we have after sch activities and therefore it's snuggle on the sofa after tea for the tale of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

purpleduckUnderTheMistletoe Mon 07-Dec-09 22:34:12

I've been putting little pressies in - most years its 2 or 3 days of something fairly cheap - or free, then one bigger item. This year it seems to have gotten out of control and I am spending a fortune.

Must reel myself in, so I am looking on in interest.
Today though, my 2 got a "chore free day" and they really, really loved it!!

Sometimes I put a christmas joke, or "fact" in.

I love love love the "taking a walk to look at lights" thing

nappyaddict Mon 07-Dec-09 23:07:10

I get xmas soaps and shower gel on 3 for 2 in superdrug and then add orange essenital oil and cinnamon leaf essential oil to the bath water. You can get xmas bath bombs in lush as well but not keen on bath bombs myself.

Smithagain Tue 08-Dec-09 10:39:15

Mmmmmmmmm - sounds great nappyaddict. Am definitely going to treat myself to that, when we have finally staggered to the end of nativity play season and I'm in need of a break!

nappyaddict Tue 08-Dec-09 15:08:38

Found some more gingerbread recipes we are goin to try out as well:

chocolate gingerbread

banana gingerbread

gingerbread pancakes for breakfast.

chewy gingerbread cookies (i leave out the chocolate)

nappyaddict Wed 09-Dec-09 10:54:34

Another good thing to do is hand/foot print christmas pictures.

Reindeer - Footprint or make a fist with thumb up in brown then a red handprint either side. When its dry add a red shiney nose and eyes.

Christmas tree - Green handprint upside down for the tree. When dry do finger dots for baubles. Add a trunk and star on the top.

Angels - 3 hand prints. one for dress fingers splayed, and 2 for wings going off at the side. Use a slice of carrot as a stamp for head, then add face and glitter.

Robins - Cut a carrot in 3 places (so 3 reducing sizes of circles.) Do the biggest in brown, then the middle one in white at the bottom of the brown one for the tummy, then smallest in middle of white one in red. When dry add eyes, beak and feet in black.

nappyaddict Wed 09-Dec-09 11:12:28

Oh we normally go on the Birmingham Eye as well at some point. It's really lovely at night time and being able to see all the pretty lights.

Another nice thing to do is go on a bike ride through the woods and then have hot chocolate and cake after at a cafe.

nappyaddict Fri 24-Dec-10 12:48:25

Just bumping this if anyone's got any ideas to add as a lot of these activities are also nice to do on Christmas Eve.

This year I am pulling DS on his sledge to the park so we can feed the ducks and go sledging and then on the way home we will look at the Christmas lights.

tulpe Fri 24-Dec-10 13:35:20

havent read through entire thread but our activities in our advent calendar for christmas eve are:

track Santa on NORAD
walk in the (snowy ) woods followed by hot choc and cookies

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