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Kids Fire Tablets- Black Friday?

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Acunningruse Thu 19-Nov-20 12:53:50

Really getting nervous that these haven't been reduced in the early Amazon Black Friday deals yet. Do we think they will be half price like last year? It's the only way we can afford one. Also worried that ive searched for it so many times in my phone that somehow they know I really want one so it won't show as reduced- is this a thing?!

I realise this sounds a bit unhinged, I'm not getting much sleep and we are 10 days into self-isolating so slowly losing my mind...

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Anawi Thu 19-Nov-20 16:11:08

I'll be very surprised if they're not included, they always have been before. Probably not until the main black Friday event though.

Scanner20 Thu 19-Nov-20 16:56:22

I think they'll come up on the main Black Friday as it's only been the early sales. See what happens from tomorrow on there.

TheCrow Thu 19-Nov-20 17:17:59

When you order one make sure you check the delivery times, I ordered a normal fire tablet on prime day a few weeks ago and estimated delivery is 25 nov- 4th Dec so quite a wait!

Spanielsanddaughters Thu 19-Nov-20 17:36:34

I’m also searching every morning before getting up to check the price!

Lovemusic33 Thu 19-Nov-20 17:38:14

They have been included every year so I would be very surprised if they were not this time. There’s a few bits I’m waiting for in Black Friday too and worrying they won’t be included.

Mrsfussypants1 Thu 19-Nov-20 19:41:24

Yes the kids fire tablets are coming on offer tonight, in 4hrs 22 mins to be precise. I only know this because when i went on Amazon on my mobile it came up in my message center because i had viewed them in the past, and bought one on prime day. I know the hd 10 only came back in stock this week and the purple is always the first colour to sell out. I dont know if this will be a 24hr deal like some of the recent pre black friday deals, or if it will be on again black friday x

Mrsfussypants1 Thu 19-Nov-20 19:44:02

Also its only showing me the upcoming deal for kids 8 and 10 versions, but the 7 usually follows suit.

Spanielsanddaughters Fri 20-Nov-20 07:02:03

Purchased grin

Acunningruse Fri 20-Nov-20 07:34:16

Bought!!! Thanks everyone!

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