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Presents for 16 month old

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AnxiousFTM Wed 07-Oct-20 10:04:37

Just looking for ideas for my DD, main presents and stocking fillers. Wondering what everyone else is getting for their little ones? x

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AnneLovesGilbert Wed 07-Oct-20 10:07:12

There was a great thread the other day on what people’s 18 month old plays with which might be useful. I’ll try and find a link.

AnneLovesGilbert Wed 07-Oct-20 10:07:49

Here you go:

AnxiousFTM Wed 07-Oct-20 10:36:39

Ah thanks, will have a read

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EcoCustard Wed 07-Oct-20 19:54:37

My youngest will be 18 months and has 3 older siblings so we have the kitchen, duplo, dressing up gear and many of the toys I would buy for his age.
So far DH and I have chunky crayons/ pencils, small duplo fire engine, chocolate buttons, toy trumpet & castanets ( loves music and instruments) and a piggy bank ( family tradition) for his stocking.
He will be getting a jelly cat toothy soft toy as he loves his brother’s, and a wooden train track with table. I have already bought a few books similar to Dear Zoo and a wooden shapes stacker from Lidl a few weeks ago. His grandma is getting him the Playmobil 123 Noah’s Ark as he loves the farm.

17caterpillars1mouse Wed 07-Oct-20 20:24:20

My dd loved a little tin teaset from around 16 months, it's a sass and belle one (and marked as 3+ bit the parts aren't particularly small) other brands are avaliable at a similar price

We got dd1 a play kitchen at 18 months and it is played with every day by both dds without fail (dd1 is now 4) and accessories such as plan food and play pots and pans could be additional gifts

Otherwise I'd go for things that can be grown into, puzzles, trainset etc

Happy land fairies are also very loved here

Megan2018 Wed 07-Oct-20 20:27:56

Ikea kitchen with all the accessories
Grimms rainbow
A doll
Some wooden cars
A crazy coupe

Zakidoodles23 Thu 08-Oct-20 19:32:12

My DD loves her scuttle bug ride on toy and nesting dolls (we have marvel superhero and ghostbuster ones) have been played with daily.

Skigal86 Thu 08-Oct-20 19:42:50

My daughter is 19 months and her favourite toys at the moment are her leaf frog tea set (the teapot talks confused), Hape Baby Einstein piano, fisher price smart stages puppy and we also have a spiky ball from the pound shop that lights up when it’s thrown that she adores

Wherearefoxssocks Fri 09-Oct-20 21:07:32

My DS will be nearly 15 months. We've got him:

- a tractor and animals
- mega bloks
- sock puppet
- pull along turtle
- personalised dressing gown
- backpack and reins

Thinking of getting him a ride on toy as well, but he's not walking yet so we'll see.

For his stocking:
- jingle bells
- toot toot car
- 360 cup
- jumbo crayons
- chocolate buttons

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