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Gifts from us and Santa with different wrapping paper?

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louise5754 Mon 24-Dec-18 13:00:13

Hi. I've just read a post about the mum not being happy that the dad used the wrong paper to wrap their sons presents.

I have never done this. My parents didn't either.

My eldest is 8 and this is the first time she's questioned anything about Santa.

In past years I've said all the gifts are from Santa. This year I've said some are from us. The first thing they may ask is why Santa's gifts are wrapped the same. What reason can I give?

I don't want to spoil it for my 6 year old.

Fatted Mon 24-Dec-18 13:03:22

Given that most of my family and I buy all our wrapping paper from the same place (massive roll for a quid from Asda!), my kids can deal with the concept of people getting their wrapping paper from the same place. Including Santa.

I've never heard of this before. And never questioned it really as a child. My kids haven't either.

Normalnorman Mon 24-Dec-18 13:07:25

We used to do this when ours were little. Presents from Father Christmas were wrapped in brown paper and tied with string and the rest from us were in cheap standard wrapping.

We used to set aside the main gifts they really wanted and had put on their list for wrapping in brown paper and the rest came from us.

Butterflysprinkles Mon 24-Dec-18 13:09:46

I am using different wrapping. But id just say that santa provodes all the shops with the wrapping paper and sometimes he uses the same stuff we do?

Pinkvici22 Mon 24-Dec-18 13:10:54

I don’t think my parents did it, but I have a tendency to over think everything and I’m also a complete control yes, I do one wrapping paper for Santa (stocking and a couple of presents) and a different one for presents from us.

BadgerSandwich Mon 24-Dec-18 13:13:24

Were in an overpopulation crisis. Santa and his elves no longer have time to wrap presents for everyone, so he asks parents to help out.

madvixen Mon 24-Dec-18 13:13:23

Mum and Dad always used different paper for our Santa presents, and Dad wrote the gift tag as we knew Mums handwriting. Even now at 35, my pressie from Santa will be wrapped differently.

ThePencil Mon 24-Dec-18 13:21:58

Santa knew you had been busy, so he brought a couple of elves sand wrapping paper with him, and the elves wrapped the presents from you while Santa put the others into stockings.

italiancortado Mon 24-Dec-18 13:22:33

I always use different paper. One design for each child. The following year the spare gets used for family gifts and I buy new for the DC.

HSMMaCM Mon 24-Dec-18 13:22:49

Santa used to use different paper to us. Now he doesn't wrap his presents at all.

louise5754 Mon 24-Dec-18 13:24:30

Thanks. I probably won't need the excuses. I know the oldest is 8 but I want to keep them believing as long as I can. Thanks x

Aragog Mon 24-Dec-18 13:25:27

FC had only ever brought one gift here and it is t wrapped at all. It's left assembled and out and ready to use/play.

shartsi Mon 24-Dec-18 13:46:43

All gifts are from Santa. We provide the wrapping paper for Santa because we are grateful and nice.

PunkAssMoFo Mon 24-Dec-18 13:57:47

I don’t wrap mine. I stick them in the sack/ stocking. I’ve told the kids that I told Santa he didn’t have to wrap ours Cos it saves him time & is more environmentally friendly! In reality, they saw the wrapping paper I was going to use and questioned why it was the same. The gifts that are from us are wrapped as are those from family and friends, so they still have plenty to tear into.

Hohocabbage Mon 24-Dec-18 13:59:25

Hmm I do use different paper, it helps me keep it organised in my mind too.

PennyMordauntsLadyBrain Mon 24-Dec-18 14:06:16

Neither my parents or DH's wrapped our gifts- they were all assembled (unless it was something like Lego) and displayed on the sofa/ floor in a small pile for each child.

We don't wrap stuff for DD but she's only a toddler- it seems a bit of a waste of effort and paper, but I understand why people use different paper for Santa and family presents. It was one of the reasons my best mate at primary school eventually twigged he wasn't real!

OrdinarySnowflake Mon 24-Dec-18 14:15:14

Father Christmas brings stocking gifts. Other gifts are from who they are from. Stocking gifts are wrapped in tissue paper and rest in normal paper.

ajandjjmum Mon 24-Dec-18 14:23:37

We used different paper for Santa presents when the DC were small, and got someone else to write the labels. Don't think they ever noticed, but just in case! fgrin

NoWordForFluffy Mon 24-Dec-18 16:16:10

We use different paper as it's exactly the type of thing that DD would notice!

TeenTimesTwo Mon 24-Dec-18 16:25:33

I use different paper, but Santa might use paper we used for our presents last year. Given that my 19yo appears to have used birthday paper for her Christmas presents fhmm I suspect it has all be a waste of my time.

We also do a buying and wrapping service for relatives so I have to make sure they all use different paper too ...

KittyMcKitty Mon 24-Dec-18 16:38:26

I’ve always done this (my children are teenagers). Clearly they are non believers now but we still have Santa paper. Santa has only ever given the stocking (really token gifts - shower gel, socks, chocolate) - I have a roll I’ve used for several years which I keep under the bed.

cariadlet Mon 24-Dec-18 16:42:47

I always used to use different paper for the Father Christmas presents and the presents from dp and me when my dd was young enough to believe. I tried to change my handwriting for the Father Christmas present labels too. She believed for quite a long time and I'm sure she would have noticed if the paper was the same.

Just realised that's no help to the OP. Sorry.

AornisHades Mon 24-Dec-18 16:43:48

The stocking paper here is different to the tree presents. I keep rolls of it hidden. My oldest knows and the youngest isn't going to twig from paper but I still do it smile

flingingmelon Mon 24-Dec-18 16:45:12

My DH rewrapped the Santa present yesterday after I'd put it in the 'wrong' paper.


thisisjustdaft Mon 24-Dec-18 16:49:45

All stocking presents from Santa in one specific wrapping paper (got a big job lot of rolls years ago and it still going strong grin ).

And my dc are now adults!

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