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Big cuddly toys

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StaySexyDontGetMurdered Thu 28-Sep-17 12:58:59

I'm looking for a big cuddly toy for DS age 7, has anyone seen any good ones? Preferably one that doesn't cost a fortune but is very cuddly

ASDismynormality Thu 28-Sep-17 13:00:10

Iceland ( bit odd I know!) sell really large cuddly toys and they are a reasonable price for the size.

ASDismynormality Thu 28-Sep-17 13:01:41

Didn't realise they were this cheap!

Spam88 Thu 28-Sep-17 13:01:48

Asda had some last week for £5

captainjacksparrow Thu 28-Sep-17 22:03:06

Similar dilemma here, ds age 5 wants a large cuddy alligator/crocodile but it needs to be super soft (sensory issues) and preferably bargainous

prettypaws Thu 28-Sep-17 22:16:48

We got a giant one for £30 in Wilko's last year. Despite already having too many soft toys this large one has held it's appeal and has been played with and used as a cushion etc all year. It's very soft and squishy and stays sitting up, there were lots of different animals aswel as a teddy bear.

TheNewMrs Thu 28-Sep-17 22:24:31

We got a huge teddy in Home Bargains last year, bigger than DSD who's 5 smile reasonably priced too if I remember, about £30.
She likes to laze on it now when she watches films!

dani24 Thu 28-Sep-17 22:32:19

Dunelm have big dogs and bears in, I think they were £10

WaxOnFeckOff Thu 28-Sep-17 22:39:05


WaxOnFeckOff Thu 28-Sep-17 22:40:43

Shemozzle Thu 28-Sep-17 22:46:36

Wilko have just bought there's out. I can't remember what there is other than a unicorn and a dog.

Cakescakescakes Thu 28-Sep-17 22:48:46

The Ikea ones are sooooo soft and snuggly.

ChristineAndTheQueens Thu 28-Sep-17 22:49:10

This one is from Wilko, I took a picture of it for my OH who loves them! You can see they have some other ones too.

captainjacksparrow Fri 29-Sep-17 08:01:13

wax that first one looks good! Thank you!!!

millifiori Fri 29-Sep-17 09:01:02

Wilkos do amazingly soft and snuggly ones. Or you can get some from Amazon. I got a bargain life sized tiger from them once. It was a big hit and still is, even though DS is now mid teens.

millifiori Fri 29-Sep-17 09:01:18


Freezingwinter Fri 29-Sep-17 18:46:42

B+m had the biggest bear in today! I was so tempted!

Winterfellismyhome Fri 29-Sep-17 18:51:31

Costco has massive teddy bears

StaySexyDontGetMurdered Fri 29-Sep-17 18:58:52

Thanks everyone! I'm going to go on a (cuddly) bear hunt now.

Unicorn81 Fri 29-Sep-17 18:59:30

Check poundstretcher too

Afternooncatnap Fri 29-Sep-17 19:00:14

Asda have a giant teddy in sale

Threeandabit Sat 30-Sep-17 22:45:25

Oh my goodness, the £5 bear from Iceland has gone up to £30 now.....Ds didn't need it anyway. I was eyeing him up though! Perhaps it's a good thing the price has shot up, there are 3 of us living in a one bed flat!!!

Muddlingalongalone Sat 30-Sep-17 23:33:22

Costco had one in the summer which was bigger than my giant 6 year old

LittleHearts Sun 08-Oct-17 14:02:54,default,sc.html?cmpid=ppc-_-ad-_--_--_-asda%20soft%20toys-_-dskwid-s43700017998118280_dt&gclid=CjwKCAjwmefOBRBJEiwAf7DstFk_S_qXDRujdRG2YfKbGuRt_BIjDHO_UWggDA3l77xjwz0JjFcXgBoCQwoQAvD_BwE#,default,sc.html?cmpid=ppc-_-ad-_--_--_-asda%20soft%20toys-_-dskwid-s43700017998118280_dt&gclid=CjwKCAjwmefOBRBJEiwAf7DstFk_S_qXDRujdRG2YfKbGuRt_BIjDHO_UWggDA3l77xjwz0JjFcXgBoCQwoQAvD_BwE

Just posting this link to Asda soft toys here, in case it helps anyone else. Also want to remind myself where I saw the large panda and elephant!

Wormwoodm Sun 08-Oct-17 14:09:01

My son has the giant shark from Ikea, loveable it and Dd has unicorn from toys r us. Tk maxx often have huge wild animals?

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