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It's time to start booking Christmas outings - what will YOU be doing?

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QuimJongUn Sun 28-May-17 08:28:29

Tickets have just gone on sale for a Kate Rusby Christmas show at Sage Gateshead - we go to a Christmassy show of some description there every year, and I absolutely love KR, so we've booked! They also have another Christmas evening every year which consists carols and readings hosted by a well-known type (we've had Matt Baker, Angela Rippon and Gervase Phinn before now) - tickets are usually released in June, so that'll be another thing booked in the coming weeks.

Tickets for this year's local panto went on sale in September last year - it's very popular, but DD will be 20 at Christmas so probably won't partake this year.

Anyone else got anything booked yet? Or will be booking soon? Hoping for some inspiration for other festive evenings fsmile

NoWordForFluffy Sun 28-May-17 22:55:27

We booked our Santa train a good couple of months' ago at least!

It's one we discovered last year in the Lakes, and is brilliant. 🎅 🚂 😁

franksidebottom Mon 29-May-17 00:33:24

Could do with some inspiration, I really don't know what to do.

Stitchosaurus Mon 29-May-17 14:08:48

We've got panto booked for the extended family, this is a tradition that dates back to me and my siblings being kids and going with cousins and grandparents - I love that we're doing it all again now we have kids of our own!

Have also booked Lapland UK for the first time, very excited about it.

Am toying with the idea of Carols by Candlelight at the Royal Albert Hall as I love it...but might do the cheaper version at a local theatre, did that a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it too.

ipswichwitch Mon 29-May-17 14:10:07

Just booked Santa's Naughty Elf for 23rd December. We went last year and it was hilarious, and the kids kept asking to see it again. It's a slightly different variation each year, but shorter than a traditional panto so great for younger kids.

I'm on the mailing list for Winter Wonderland at Hardwick Hall, so I'll get notification when tickets go on sale. It's a half day Santa experience which looks great.

Wayfarersonbaby Mon 29-May-17 16:27:45

One of our local National Trust properties does an amazing illuminated walk - tickets sell out mid-summer so I must remember to book that again for this year!

I might book a panto for DD, but to be honest I hate panto with a passion, so I might have to draft in Granny to take her.

Otherwise, we tend to have quite a lot going on near Christmas - my workplace does a staff children's party, there are lots of local church events and services, and plenty to do at the National Trust places. I'd love to take DD to a ballet or show in London, but TBH for a pre-schooler she does quite enough Christmas stuff already to get more than excited enough - a bigger "show" might be something for future years!

nellifurtardo Tue 30-May-17 17:10:27

I've just booked a panto, I can't bloody wait till Christmas now 😀😀😀

PixieMiss Tue 30-May-17 21:02:42

Can anyone recommend a good Xmas Train? I am in Yorkshire but happy to travel around.

VivaJen Tue 30-May-17 22:36:23

I booked the Nutcracker for Christmas Eve, the RSNO Christmas Concert for the 23rd (went last year, it's awesome - they show the Snowman) and I'm taking my Mum on the Belmond Christmas Lunch Train. I have also booked tickets for the Enchanted Forest at Pitlochry, it's in October but it's lovely.

I am so excited, I have been focusing on activities rather than things this year and everyone in the family is really liking it.

NoWordForFluffy Wed 31-May-17 17:28:34

@PixieMiss try Lakeside and Haverthwaite in the Lakes. We loved it last year.

Methenyouplus4 Thu 01-Jun-17 07:11:05

Quim- I assume you must be near me.

We used to do Northern Stage on Christmas Eve but have swapped to Durham which is more traditional / silly panto but suits ages of our children at the moment.

Beamish is lovely at Christmas (fake snow, carols in church, Santa etc).

We heard great things about Red Fox (North East) garden centre and went last year but we're really dissapointed.

Other things we don't have to book (local christmas fayre/ children's carol service).

Not sure where we will go to see Santa this year, I think Beamish. Done local train rides before and will save Kielder till our youngest are a bit older as £££.

QuimJongUn Fri 02-Jun-17 09:15:37

Plus4 I love Beamish at Christmas! I haven't been for years though so that's definitely something else to put on the list. Last year we went to the carol service in aid of Crisis at at Nicholas's Cathedral in Newcastle, it was absolutely lovely. And for such a good cause. People who Crisis had helped performed and it was very moving. Also Live Theatre has some wonderful things at Christmas usually - they haven't released their autumn/winter programme yet but I daresay there'll be something there we'll want to see.

Some lovely ideas on this thread - I feel so ridiculously and prematurely festive reading them!

ahipponamedbooboobutt Fri 02-Jun-17 10:42:37

I'd like to try Lapland uk but it's just so expensive! Especially for a family of 6/7(if dsd joins us). And you don't even get food included in the price.
So now I'm looking at Legoland to visit Santa. Has any been before? Is there much to do as the rides will be closed. We are looking to visit on 23rd December so need to get bookings in soon.

Stitchosaurus Fri 02-Jun-17 14:04:05

There's only 3 of us but yes, Lapland UK is painfully expensive - it better be good!

We've done Legoland twice at Christmas. 2015 was amazing and completely magical but 2016 was so bad that we got a full refund! They had technical problems on the first day (when we went) which meant we were queuing in the freezing cold for at least two hours and the Santa we saw was utter rubbish. DS couldn't lean far enough away from him in the photo! Plus they've squeezed loads more log cabins in (where you meet Santa) which are clearly visible so only young kids aren't going to realise that there must be multiples.
But I know of other people who went last year and enjoyed it, and we did love it the first I'm not sure what to recommend!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 02-Jun-17 20:48:34

Mine are teenagers now (DS will be 18 by Christmas and DD 15.6)

In years gone by we've done the Father Christmas "Santa Trains" ( day out, steam train , FC visit fgrin )

Deal Castle

Panto with DS and DD

The Snowman with DS when he was 5yo

Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Little Matchgirl with DD

Harry Potter Experience at Christmas

Last year DD and I went to see A Christmas Carol in Basildon (she wanted me to drive so London not an option)

DD and I go shopping in London about 22/23 Dec just to wander, not really buying major things, just pootling, have hot chocolate in John Lewis.

I need insipration too. DH and DS don't come out with us ( they are too Bah Humbuggy)

anditwasallgoingsowell Sat 03-Jun-17 17:27:01

@Wayfarersonbaby where is the illuminated walk please?

DC will be 12 and 10 this Xmas so we have grown out of Santa/train rides etc and now looking for new Christmassy ideas.

donniemurdo Sat 03-Jun-17 21:28:41

Anyone any good ideas about Christmas outings in Scotland, particularly Perthshire, Tayside, Fife, that kind of area?

We did the Harry Potter thing a few years ago at Christmas which was amazing. The Great Hall with all it's Christmas decorations was absolutely spectacular.

MrsDilligaf Sun 04-Jun-17 21:32:39

We'll be going to:

The Winter Wonderland at Tamworth Snowdome.

Waddesdon Manor to see the house and light installation

Christmas Carols on Christmas Eve

DH and I will probably go to Bath for a browse around the Christmas Market

In amongst all that there will be half a dozen parties so December gets very busy!!

megletthesecond Sun 04-Jun-17 21:34:28

Hopefully The Nutcracker. I've even got the day off when the general tickets go on sale.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 04-Jun-17 22:43:21

Oh , we've been to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 3 times (once in a blizzard, very scenic but some of the rides were halted)

And Kew Gardens Lighted Walk

I missed my chance with Lapland UK, mine are too old now. (Waits for grandchildren)

QuimJongUn Tue 06-Jun-17 09:16:34

Some lovely ideas here!

Me and DD were chatting yesterday and she said this year she wants us to do lots of 'kiddie' things together because she's missed them! So it looks like a panto might be on he cards after all 👍

BeyondDespairandRepair Thu 08-Jun-17 20:59:01

Stitchosaurus Fri 02-Jun-17 14:04:05

^^ We are also doing Lapland uk for the first time.
We did lego land year before last and it was good....however nothing compared to Longleat....Longleat at dusk was wonderful....with the bonus of the animals but also the house done up like fairy tales was gorgeous...and the illuminations ...then a little train taking you to the wooded clearing....with fires burning...

also toying with candles at AH...

pawpatrol123 Sun 11-Jun-17 08:32:53

My eldest is the biggest Polar Express fan ever. Has been for ages. I would love to take him on the 'Polar Express' train but not sure if too £££ this year as I'm currently on maternity leave.

He will be 4 and a half this Christmas so will take him to a panto for the first time.

Gizlotsmum Sun 11-Jun-17 08:39:51

We're doing the polar express this year. Will possibly do a local panto ( normally do Disney on Ice but not with Polar Express). Might look around the ironbridge Victorian Christmas Fayre.

HolyShmoly Tue 04-Jul-17 22:45:57

I have a Geordie Christmas Bucket List on the go of stuff I want to do over the years. (I have an unofficial non-Christmas version that I've almost completed too) We aren't from here and go home at Christmas so activities must be before the 20th normally. Oh and DH is nowhere near as enthusiastic as me about all things festive. And it's just the two of us.
I want to do a carol service at either St Nicholas, Durham or Jesmond (any suggestions as to which is best?)
Snowman at Sage
It's a Wonderful Life at Tyneside Cinema
Glass bauble blowing at Sunderland Glass Centre (Does anyone know when the tickets go on sale for this?)
Wreath making
Any other suggestions? I think I'll save the Panto till I have littlies to take with me. I will have a look at Northern Stage and Live too.

I LOVE that the North East has so much to do. It really appeals to the big kid in me!

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