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Good but cheap silk pillowcases

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PussyPatches Thu 10-Nov-16 15:38:33

I have decided that these would be good presents for a couple of friends.

They need to be around £20 (so obviously they're not going to be top quality) but it would be great if anyone had a recommendation.

I have found these on ebay and will get them if no one has any other suggestions.

Quite a lot of them seem to have a zip. I would rather a normal envelope fastening.

(I know they may be considered a bit of a ridiculous present but we're getting on a bit and have known each other a really long time so have given most things over the years!)

Tobebythesea Thu 10-Nov-16 17:25:13

Gingerlily ones are good. You can get them from Amazon.

PussyPatches Thu 10-Nov-16 21:58:58

Thanks, I'll have a look.

Trumpton Sat 12-Nov-16 02:12:37

I get mine from Lilysilk .
Lovely idea for a present.
I throw mine in the wash with my normal bedding and I tumble dry them. None of that hand wash malarkey !

PussyPatches Sat 12-Nov-16 15:32:19

That's good to know Trumpton
Is yours reasonable quality, as I think I looked at the Lily Silk ones.

Trumpton Sat 12-Nov-16 17:50:26

Mine is about 4 years old and used everyday . I only have the one so it gets washed and put back on as soon as it is out of the dryer .
I bought MIL a couple 2 years ago and hers don't seem to be as thick as mine but still lovely .

PussyPatches Sun 13-Nov-16 09:29:02

Wow. That's great to know - still going strong after 4 years.
Thanks Trumpton

PussyPatches Sun 13-Nov-16 18:39:17

Sorry Trumpton, one more question
Do you know what momme your pillowcase or your MIL's are?
I've been looking at 19mm but not sure if 22mm is significantly better.

Trumpton Mon 14-Nov-16 02:20:36

I have only bought 19mm . ( I just checked my order history ) . I have to say that the Oxford pillowcase looks better than the housewife . Buts that's just a personal view. Because I only have one I use it as a bottom pillow during the day with the pillow that matches the duvet on top IYSWIM, so would buy a colour that matches the bottom sheet.

By the way it doesn't help my insomnia ! Check out time of posting ! grin

PussyPatches Thu 17-Nov-16 13:00:18

Trumpton I'm just about to order pillowcases from Lilysilk. I see that you can get £15 for referring. If you want to pm me your email address, I'm really happy to do that.

Good idea regarding picking colour.

Lavender pillow spray sometimes works for me. Have you tried that? Although it did nothing at 3am this morning!

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