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Christmas Eve box

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Scrumptiousbears Tue 04-Oct-16 22:04:29

Two questions for those of you who do a Christmas Eve box.

What do you put in it?
what do you put it in?

I've seen some personalised boxes on eBay. Any ideas welcome as this is my first go this year.

NotAMammy Tue 04-Oct-16 22:12:17

My sister was first person I personally knew who did this. She does one big box for all kids including:
Individual hot chocolate sachets with marshmallows
One sachet of reindeer food (some oats and glitter) to sprinkle on the garden

I think that's it. I think it's really sweet, as far as I remember they open it when they get home from mass and it's the official start to 'ohmygodit'sactuallyherehe'scomingtonightbesupergood' general buzziness.

Ninasimoneinthemorning Tue 04-Oct-16 22:14:19

Have you got pintrest?

There are some great ideas for kids and adults. We will be doing one this year.

WhoisLucasHood Tue 04-Oct-16 22:16:19

I do a bag from the Elves; PJs, Slippers, Xmas DVD, hot chocolate, Bubble bath.

Scrumptiousbears Tue 04-Oct-16 22:47:02

I did open a Pinterest account, I'll have to find it again.

There was a thread a while ago similar to this but as usual I can never find old stuff.

Thanks for the response.

BiddyPop Wed 05-Oct-16 08:56:23

In a cardboard box slightly bigger than a shoebox, has Christmas paper on the outside (bought quite a few years ago).

New: PJs for all the family, hot chocolate, lush bath bombs (DD and I), maybe a nice shower gel for DH.

Old favourites: DD stocking, family copy of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" for bedtime reading, snowman hot water bottle, Christmas plate and glass for FC snack.

(HWB and crockery are used prior to 24th, but it's tradition that they go back in the box. The book gets its first outing of the year on 24th and is stored separately to the other Christmas books we have).

NoMudNoLotus Wed 05-Oct-16 08:57:22

I will be back later! I do Christmas Eve boxes every year , love 'em!

VoldemortsNipple Wed 05-Oct-16 09:47:05

This year I've made these wooden boxes for Christmas Eve. I have teens so I put in
Hot chocolate
Coke or something alcoholic
Christmas chocolate
Lush bath stuff
Slipper socks

IsItGinTimeYet Wed 05-Oct-16 09:47:37

We have a wicker hamper and it appears overnight on the 23rd.
It always contains PJ's for all the family (normally tartan), posh hot chocolate, marshmallows, biscuits or cookies, a new decoration for the tree, stick man book, Santa comes to Scotland book and either panto tickets, cinema tickets or lunch reservations for Christmas eve. This will be our 15th year, I love it.

attheendoftheday Wed 05-Oct-16 11:12:47

We use a wicker basket. We put in Pj's for the dc, something to entice them into the bath (soap foam, sprudels), 1 or 2 dvds, nice snacks treats and sometimes a crafty activity.

It appears when we go out to do a Christmas eve activity, and is mean to ease the Christmas eve hysteria by keeping the kid's entertained while I sort food etc.

SpringerS Wed 05-Oct-16 11:12:50

We get our Christmas PJs at the end of November so we can wear then for the run up to Christmas. So in the Christmas eve box I put;
Santa's plate and cup.
A magic bell that you ring at bedtime that lets Santa know you are going to sleep.
A Christmas teddy.
A book about Santa coming to our house.
A snowman bath bomb.
A Christmassy USB stick with a Christmas movie on it. (We don't have a dvd player anymore.)
Various Christmas treats, like small chocolate snowmen and polar bear jellies.
And a boardgame that we play after his bath.

The Christmas Eve box is his gift from us, so we add a boardgame as otherwise it's mainly just a box of the same stuff from last year. And it's a lovely tradition to sit down together and play a game as a family each Christmas eve.

oobedobe Thu 06-Oct-16 15:05:18

I think simple is better, you don't want to take away from the excitement of stockings (or just get carried away buying more stuff for the sake of it). I used to do a box, but now the kids just get new xmas pjs on their pillow and I will organise popcorn and a movie and hot chocolate if they want it. I don't think these things always need to be presented as more 'gifts' IYKWIM.

To be fair I am anti-Elf and $40 advent calendars though - so might be sound a bit Grinchy about this topic!! Still love Christmas though! grin

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