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My husband is impossible - help gratefully received

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Lictionary Tue 24-Nov-15 22:45:27

We've been together 10 years. In that time I have learnt never buy books (he doesn't read), don't buy gimmicky things, he does expect a present.

He doesn't drink anymore
He doesn't eat sweets or biscuits
He doesn't like sports
He is inherently lazy but goes to the gym and uses his bike to commute
I've bought tools in the past which he doesn't use either!
He uses a phone and tablet for everything so doesn't wear a watch or need anything like an alarm clock.

Other than a t shirt and some socks I have NO ideas. I've just sat and gone through 678 suggested ideas for 'men' on notonthehighstreet. We've two small children - I suspect his desire for more sleep and more sex probably out weight any material gifts!

Help. Please. Thank you.

NeverNic Tue 24-Nov-15 22:54:45

A waterproof jacket for cycling? Aftershave, shoes or a good coat? Is he into music? So maybe tickets to a gig? Or how about a night away with you? Hotels tend to offer good deals for January. You could pick a spa hotel and then either he can use the gym or use the pool facilities. Somewhere you could relax might increase his chances of sex and a lie in!

LoveMILbut Tue 24-Nov-15 22:55:53

Gym kit? Bike stuff? A lovely meal?

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Tue 24-Nov-15 22:59:02

Does he read? Like comedy or eating out?

My dh and me don't really do presents. We go out somewhere nice or away as our present to ourselves. We also like sleep and sex so we usually send the dc off somewhere or go away for a bit. Nice lunch and afternoon shag/nap before pick up worked well when they were in nursery wink

PresidentUnderwood Tue 24-Nov-15 22:59:51

If sleep and sex is what your DH wants can I suggest in a highly non PC, anti feminist way Ear defenders for him and a sexy something from agent provocateur for you.

gleam Tue 24-Nov-15 23:00:39

Fitbit or similar?
Weekend away sans kids?

CoffeeChocolateWine Tue 24-Nov-15 23:01:53

A fitbit? Or something bike-related...panniers maybe or some cold weather cycle gear for the winter months? A nice coffee hamper. Does he cook?

80sMum Tue 24-Nov-15 23:04:29

It sounds as though he has everything he needs already! Rather than a 'thing' how about getting an experience? Tickets for a show, something like that?

Batmam Tue 24-Nov-15 23:27:37

Another vote for fitbit. Think they're about £50 so not too awful if he doesn't end up using it

janaus Wed 25-Nov-15 10:03:09

Reflective jacket for cycling. Helmet with a safety light on it.

Lictionary Wed 25-Nov-15 10:05:06

The waterproof jacket is a good idea. Àlthough I bought him a coat he chose last year and he doesn't wear it and a stupidly expensive fat face gilet the year before which he also doesn't wear!

We briefly discussed Christmas gifts and he said he feels differently this year about Christmas (as do i) so we might look at buying a family holiday somewhere we wouldn't usually go, or an adventure holiday for us and kids (5 and 2). We've had a difficult year and so maybe we need to think outside the box so to speak. Still buy gifts for family and our dds just something small for each other.

I also debated buying in a tradesman to fix all the niggle jobs I wanted DH to do that he never gets around too grin

Lictionary Wed 25-Nov-15 10:28:48

I've got a fitbit and he has said he'd like one, that's a good thought.

I say he doesn't like food but I saw a 3month date night food pack where they send recipes and spices which might get home back into cooking.

We usually do the something you want, need, wear, read - I'm looking at holiday brochures too!

mamalove4 Wed 25-Nov-15 11:10:18

I am getting my husband new trainers, i have learnt that those are always needed fgrin and new socks, underwear and perfume of course.

kiwidreamer Wed 25-Nov-15 14:22:42

My DH is very much the same, he's just bought himself the new Microsoft fitness band and loves it --thanks for NOT waiting six weeks DH, don't moan if you get socks for Christmas when you have no patience to wait a few weeks--

I've got him an Xbox game and the Dan Carter autobiography.

We've got a big holiday coming up in January so I've said we can treat ourselves then, just need a few bits for the kids to give us!

Ememem84 Wed 25-Nov-15 14:49:12

kiwi thanks for the heads up. Have just bought dh Dan charters and Richie mccaws autobiographies.

Saukko Wed 25-Nov-15 14:50:22

Coffee subscription, or maybe magazine subscription if he doesn't drink it.

Day out? I'm booking an Archery session. Stealthily this is what I really want to do too, but he'll like it. I also considered Indoor Skydiving smile

kiwidreamer Thu 26-Nov-15 10:14:38

Ememem84 don't you mean Richie McAwesome grin

Ememem84 Thu 26-Nov-15 10:33:39

Yes. Obvs. Richie mcawesome. 😀smile

peggyundercrackers Thu 26-Nov-15 10:38:08

ear defenders for you and a blow up doll...

d270r0 Thu 26-Nov-15 14:42:14

Clothes, cds, dvds of films out recently he hasn't seen yet or boxsets.

Lictionary Sun 29-Nov-15 08:19:11

Cheers everyone

We've agreed on a holiday for next year and so we've put a limit on Christmas gifts!

I'm buying him a cycling waterproof jacket, a book about our holiday destination, a one day photography course, and some new tshirts. He has a massive DVD collection and subscribes to many subscription sites.

Thank you also to the person who suggested a coffee subscription - sent that idea to a relative who always buys him socks a size too small confused

Misty9 Sun 29-Nov-15 15:15:11

Where did you see the date night food thing op? Sounds interesting for my dh.

I've bought a book called 100 family adventures, written by a family, which sounds like it might encourage us into the great outdoors. Enjoy your holiday smile

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