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Who else is trying to get better before Christmas(and skiing!)

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wellintothenewyear Sat 20-Dec-14 15:52:39

I should have known better than to book a skiing holiday for 27th Dec.

I got ill on Tuesday. Now I've stopped sneezing but I'm weak as a kitten. Worse, DS2 just complained of a headache...

Needless to say, this has messed up both work and Christmas prep. And we go skiing next Saturday on a holiday that takes a big slice out of the budget.

The relatives arrive Tuesday. Oh Dear. I'm good for nothing except watching Film 4.

Anyone else willing themselves better?

Chocolateteabag Sat 20-Dec-14 16:11:33

I feel like a wrung out flannel, not ill yet but have a friends party tonight which I fear will push me over the edge. DH has been mad busy with work up to a deal completing yesterday so he is also likely to succumb to the lurgy tomorrow (especially if he over celebrates tonight). And we are driving with the DCs to my family in the deepest darkest sticks on Monday - think nothing for at least 10 miles, no late night shop for drugs nothing but sheep!

Don't try to do anything today and tomorrow - see them as essential rest days. Then hopefully you will manage to be more effective on Monday?

We are going to church in the morning and then big pub lunch 1
confused which will be sure to push me over the edge, am planning a sofa surf on Sunday afternoon (but will end up packing/wrapping presents)

Mousefinkle Sat 20-Dec-14 16:19:12

Fuck yes, me sad. Came down with a cold Tuesday, my chest feels like some digusting phlegm filled creature is sat on it. Have a cough that sounds like I've been smoking 100 a day and every time I leave the house or rush around ebb I feel like vomiting because it hurts so much. It's been keeping me up at night too which isn't helping. Runny nose as well, EURGH. DC have been on and off with a cold this week as well, sleeping for most of the day some days but they seem to be getting better now...

It's pissing me off so much because I have tonnes to do and I also really want to be in the Christmassy festive spirit but right now all I feel like doing is crawling into bed and dying sad. I have a lot to bake, all presents to wrap and fresh food shop to do on Monday too. It happens every year without fail, always get an illness close to Christmas. I think it's the stress tbh. I'm just grateful it's not a sickness bug like a couple of years ago...

Bicnod Sat 20-Dec-14 16:23:21

Yep, 39 weeks pregnant, very painful sore throat and full of cold sad

Also waiting to see if the DC have managed to avoid the vomiting bug that they came into contact with yesterday. DS1 went for tea after school, the mum didn't tell me they'd all had the bug this week angry and her youngest vommed for the first time while I was collecting him sad

chloejaynemummy Sat 20-Dec-14 18:15:09

There is a nasty virus going round here at the mo I had it just before my Christmas party at work and iv still got the cough and that was at the start of December! Alot of people at work have ended up with it feels just like a chest infection I got told I end up with viral asthma every time I get ill have to stock up on my pumps and make sure they are handy! A few days rest and lemsip u should start feeling better! Hand foot and mouth is going round my dds age at the minute so trying to keep her away! Xx

wellintothenewyear Sun 21-Dec-14 16:28:51

I'm feeling a lot better today, hope this follows for everyone

lanbro Sun 21-Dec-14 16:34:00

We've all been poorly for 4 weeks now, passing colds backwards and forwards between 4 of us! Finally got antibiotics for Dd2 and myself, dd1 seems better at last and dh will just have to manage!

lucysmam Sun 21-Dec-14 17:05:04

D&v is doing the rounds of us all here sad

I better be bloody better tomorrow morning (touch wood; only felt rough since dinner time ish with no d/v) best mate's nipping round for his Christmas cake that was supposed to be finished today but is still waiting for me to ice and decorate it.

perplexedpirate Sun 21-Dec-14 17:19:54

Me. I have a tissue up my nose and I just coughed myself sick.
We haven't shopped or anything.
I've throwing myself a little pity party.

chloejaynemummy Sun 21-Dec-14 17:45:10

Can't beat a pity party I'm terrible when I'm sick ha x

Whowillsaveyoursoul Sun 21-Dec-14 18:16:03

I've lost my voice entirely.
Ds sick all last night.


Ujjayi Sun 21-Dec-14 18:36:44

Urgh. Over a week of losing my voice & coughing. My stomach aches from the coughing & my legs, arms & back feel achy & sore. Totally fed up. Contemplating dr appt for antibiotics. Hate taking them but throat not improving - in fact it is much worse.

I have pushed thru & done all wrapping & food prep. Hoping to have next 2 days just relaxing with DCs & recovering before festivities start christmas eve morning.

Pigleychez Sun 21-Dec-14 19:18:28

Me! Woke this morning with a streaming nose sad
Plus ive hurt my neck so everytime I cough or sneeze its agony!

EthelCardew Sun 21-Dec-14 19:18:41

Can I join the pity party?!

I've had back-to-back illnesses for 8 weeks. Flu x1, cold x3 and d&v x1 in that time. I'm beat.

I'm so glad I was organised this year before the first one hit and only have the wrapping to do now but the Christmas spirit is very weak!

I had that horrible everlasting cough virus 3.5 weeks ago now and whilst everyone else I know is getting better, I'm getting worse, coughing up incredibly thick green phlem and sinusitis.

I'm now on antibiotic (amoxicillin) and steroids (prednisolone) and just waiting for the horrid side effects to hit. Sigh...

Varya Sun 21-Dec-14 19:26:28

Stupid virus from last Saturday, still with me. Fed up with endless virii and all the work to be done!

Varya Sun 21-Dec-14 19:27:31

Stupid virus from last Saturday, still with me. Fed up with endless virii and all the work to be done!

Petallic Sun 21-Dec-14 19:31:09

My colds and cough seem to be on their way out now, thankful as I've had a rolling cold/cough since the start of Nov. but as a parting gift I've got sinusitis and so zero sense of taste and smell - just in time for Christmas. All the hours I've spent into menu planning, shopping etc and I can't taste a bloody thing. Buggering bollocks.

Quangle Sun 21-Dec-14 19:35:20

Me too at the pity party. I'm on day 14 of hellish head full of crap, ear ache, sore throat, coughing and weird mini hot flushes. Am now on antibiotics which may be helping but will see how tomorrow is. Am soooo sick of this. Feel like death.

ALittleFaith Sun 21-Dec-14 19:49:58

Yup, me too. I've had a head cold/sinus thing for 3 weeks now. No voice, feel like crap and have just realised I'm actually dreading Christmas! fsad

lucysmam Sun 21-Dec-14 19:50:42

Quangle, I've had bizzarre mini hot flushes as well today. Dp reckons I'm going to feel worse tomorrow which is not at all helpful hmm

wellintothenewyear Sun 21-Dec-14 19:55:53

Oh god I hate the mini flushes thing... Weird digestive stuff too.

I stayed on my feet till 5pm today which is a big improvement, but I'm still knackered.

I need to go back to work tomorrow. Hope my brain starts working again.

Main problem is that I haven't told father xmas to get stocking stuff...

Panicmode1 Sun 21-Dec-14 20:00:03

We have been sick since a week LAST Wednesday. The six of us have gone down with flu, one by one - DH and child #4 got it yesterday so I think we'll be hard pressed to all be well for Christmas. We had to cancel going to see my family; I was in A&E with my eldest this morning (he's fine now!) but I am SO totally fed up with the sickness now!

Wishing everyone well for Christmas (and skiing!)

EthelCardew Mon 22-Dec-14 20:48:45

Update: kid woke up with YET ANOTHER BLOODY VIRUS today. How is it possible? I mean, how unhealthy must we be? This will be her 5/6th cold in 8 weeks.


And my chest infection is better during the day but unbearable when the meds wear off and I can't take any more until the morning now. No sleep again for me.


perplexedpirate Mon 22-Dec-14 21:49:09

[passes medication all around the pity party}
I'm a bit better, but now my voice is gone.
Completely gone. So bloody frustrating, DS can ignore me too easily now. angry

EthelCardew Mon 22-Dec-14 22:04:42

Oh no! My DD would have an absolute field day if my voice went.

Hope you recover soon!

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