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Ds has birthday at start December. Which of these should he get then, and which for Christmas?

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duplodon Fri 07-Nov-14 02:58:42

Given the Argos 3 for 2 and other bargains, I've bought everything now. Ds will be 5 and will share many of these with his brother, 3. They also have a baby brother who will be nearly one. Our tradition here is that we share all toys and particularly Christmas presents, there's no real 'ownership' of toys, so everything is bought with everyone in mind, but small parts are kept out of the smaller boys' reach or supervised (Duplo play, say, is for everyone but Lego and Playmobil is clearly out of bounds for a one year old). Of course, birthdays are different and so something from this list needs to be 'for' DS. I'm just not sure what's best to give him that will cause the least arguments later on?

Here's the list:
Playmobil Dinos - volcano and T-Rex, Brachiosaurus and baby, Triceratops and Baby, Transporter and baby T-Rex
Playmobil - campervan and pool
Lego - Fantasy and Historic Minifigures, Lego Castle dragon attack, Lego Junior castle
Duplo - Fire station and Fire engine, Duplo farm

Thumbwitch Fri 07-Nov-14 03:03:11

I think you've answered your own question really, give him the Lego for himself - or just some of it if you think the 3yo will create about it.

LuckyLopez Fri 07-Nov-14 04:02:01

That's a lot of just construction toys. Will he have anything else? I agree with thumbwitch then about Lego for his birthday.

duplodon Fri 07-Nov-14 04:22:02

Yes, Lego sounds good. Playmobil isn't a construction toy really, it's pretend/imaginative play. What do you think he is missing?

LuckyLopez Fri 07-Nov-14 04:35:18

I have one with a December birthday and he usually missed out on garden toys (11 this yr so less relevant).
Board games? 5 is quite a good age to introduce those.
Art stuff?

LuckyLopez Fri 07-Nov-14 04:37:42

Oh btw I'm not saying what you got is wrong, just thoughts based on my own dc I thought that they're all quite similar presents. Obviously you know your ds best.

duplodon Fri 07-Nov-14 04:59:05

We're sort of drowning in arty stuff/books/jigsaws here so I'm avoiding any big purchases, though I suspect he'll get bits and bobs from family. Granny is getting him a bike for his birthday, so that covers that. I'd love a sand box for them but last year I got a water table for them to share and though it got immense use this Summer it was a damp squib at Christmas itself. A board game would be a good addition. I have an unfair tendency to avoid them as I use them in small groups in school a lot, so they bore me and I forget they would be new and highly exciting for the kids.

My aim with Christmas choices usually is really to support them playing together, so the choices reflect the middle grounds between their interests... middle boy is VERY into construction and vehicles, eldest enjoys imaginary/historical play, youngest just wants some bricks to bang together and animals to mouth! wink. I felt it was a good range with animals, domestic play, fantasy play, dinosaurs, vehicles and people who help us but I suppose when you look it as lego and playmobil it might seem samey. Oh well! It's bought and paid for now anyway! I think maybe I'll give ds the minifigure and castle for his birthday, the dinos and camping/holiday stuff can be the older boys' main sharing present and the duplo works for the younger two better in practice.

LuckyLopez Fri 07-Nov-14 05:10:03

He'll love it all anyway. Have a great one! grin

LuckyLopez Fri 07-Nov-14 05:11:53

Ps I'm a cm so I know I avoid certain things as I've just had enough. It's getting easier now they're getting older and all ds1 wants is a laptop confused

PesoPenguin Fri 07-Nov-14 07:18:31

Definitely the lego as you can't have some playmobil that's for everyone and some that's just for your ds as it'll just cause arguments.

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