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Where to buy ribbon and how to use it?

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TheFutureSupremeRulersMum Fri 22-Aug-14 09:11:19

What ribbon do you use for wrapping presents and where do you get it from cheaply?

I've wrapped most of the presents I've bought already and want to make them look fancy now. I've been looking at Pinterest for ideas but any more grateful received so that all my presents don't look identical

marne2 Fri 22-Aug-14 11:07:13

I get it from my local fabric shop, they often have a bargain bin with end of the roll ribbons, always loads of reds and greens.

waithorse Fri 22-Aug-14 12:05:58

You've wrapped your presents in August ?? You're a crazy Christmas elf ?? grin Are you actually an elf ?? grin

On a more helpful note, HobbyCraft always have nice ribbon.

forcookssake Fri 22-Aug-14 13:00:58

Yep, I second fabric shop remnants bin. Or local market-I get 3 bundles for £1 and textile ribbon really makes things feel special.
Also, I favour simple pattern or even plain coloured wrapping paper and add little adornments when tying the ribbon-try craft stores for big bags of tiny bells (as long as noise-making presents isn't going to cause problems wink )

ArcheryAnnie Fri 22-Aug-14 13:05:50

Are you anywhere near a Tiger shop? They have lovely satin ribbon in deep colours for £1 a reel.

ArcheryAnnie Fri 22-Aug-14 13:06:20

(And seconding the OMG you have wrapped them in August? posts!)

waithorse Fri 22-Aug-14 13:06:32

I did bells on ribbon last year. So pretty. smile

waithorse Fri 22-Aug-14 13:09:39

I wish a Tiger shop would open around me, I've read very good things about them on here. It sounds just the sort of place I'd love spend money.

notamonkeysuncle Fri 22-Aug-14 13:13:09

Ebay. I brought 5 yards for 84p last week

Cocolepew Fri 22-Aug-14 13:15:37

Ebay ir Amaxon, you can get East of India ribbon dead cheap on Amazon

Floop Fri 22-Aug-14 13:27:46

Madness. It's August.

TheFutureSupremeRulersMum Fri 22-Aug-14 13:40:53

It's also the Chistmas thread Floop. We're all having fun buying our Christmas bargains and preclit christmas trees, I've just chosen to get on and wrap as well smile

Floop Fri 22-Aug-14 13:43:27

I'm just not one to get excited this early. 2 weeks in December, at most for me.

I'd suggest waiting until Christmas displays go up in shops, and hit somewhere like paperchase.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 22-Aug-14 15:02:06

Plants arse on Christmas Bench, deftly pushing Floop off at the same time.

I was in Tiger today, they had ribbon but didn't check price/length

Costco do huge rolls (and some is wired for nice flashy bows) nice if you want a theme (you could wrap all the presents and still have enough left for the bannisters)

The Range do rolls of patterned ribbon
Hobbycraft similar to Range

TheFutureSupremeRulersMum Fri 22-Aug-14 16:01:25

Does Tiger have an online store? I'm always underwhelmed by Hobbycraft but I'll certainly take a look in The Range when I'm next there. Wired ribbon does sound good if I can find some that's inexpensive.

waithorse Fri 22-Aug-14 16:39:50

Tiger isn't online, I looked a while ago. sad

TheFutureSupremeRulersMum Fri 22-Aug-14 20:30:57

Fantastic Ribbons has a sale - I'm sorted smile

nickdrakeslovechild Fri 22-Aug-14 22:11:06

I bought all my cristmas ribbon from ali express, about 25 yards of lovely proper ribbon for about £4.00.

zipzap Fri 22-Aug-14 23:02:28

What sort of ribbon do you like using?

Ebay can be good for both the fabric sort and the thin twirly curling ribbon as well as the thicker florist ribbon that you can use to twirl as well to make pretty 'bows' (which are actually a mopse of ringlet curls from the ribbon if you know what I mean).

I haven't done an extensive search but if you like the florist ribbon type of ribbon, you can get it from about £2.40 including postage for 100m in a choice of loads of different colours

Hobby craft has also had this in for about £3 / roll of 100m if you want something you can go and buy locally. A pair of good sharp scissors and you'll be twirling pretty ribbons in no time!

or if you like the thin curling ribbon, ebay has loads - seems to be cheapest to buy in 500m rolls which you can get from about £2.50 for 500m. Or you can go to somewhere like Tesco or WHSmiths and get a 20m roll for a pound or two -definitely much better value to get them from ebay on the big rolls! We also have a party supplies shop locally that sells the big rolls of this ribbon as balloon ribbon for a couple of pounds for 500m so worth looking out for shops like that too.
A typical ebay seller for this (again, I haven't hunted long for this, there are loads of them on there but it gives you an idea) - and again, might be worth trying hobbycraft, not sure how much they sell this for.

Clr2014 Fri 22-Aug-14 23:21:24

Costco wired stuff is my fave and such a bargain. Gives parcels the wow factor - imvho!!

HiawathaDidntBotherTooMuch Fri 22-Aug-14 23:23:56

Crafty Ribbons do lovely ones, including Christmas themes. The more you buy, the cheaper it is.

BiddyPop Fri 22-Aug-14 23:52:50

I've bought 10 rolls of present wrapping ribbon, the kind you can curl with scissors, in idea over the past week. 2 packs of 3 each slightly fancy, and 1 pack of 4 plain ranging from deep blue through lighter to deep green. Not Christmassy, but good for my needs. They usually have good packs of gold, silver and red nearer Christmas too.

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