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Already way too excited about Christmas..

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wibblyjelly Tue 27-May-14 21:09:52

DH and I have decided to have Christmas day at home, just us and 2 year old ds. I am so excited about starting our own traditions, and doing things in our own way! If you do your own Christmas, come share your experiences!

EmmanuelWoganberry Tue 27-May-14 21:13:57

Ooh me too me too! DD was only 6mo last christmas, so I’m hoping she will be able to enjoy more this year. I haven’t thought too hard yet about what we will do but I’m interested to hear other peoples traditions.

wibblyjelly Tue 27-May-14 21:17:22

We are planning on doing elf on the shelf, and I'm going to put wrapping paper over the living room door for Ds to burst through on Christmas morning! May even have a sneaky drink in the pub with the neighbours that are around that day :-)

BrieAndChilli Tue 27-May-14 21:31:52

I love Xmas. We do Xmas eve hamper from the elves. While they are in the bath I run round with bells then when they get out they find a box filled with new pjs, hot choc, Xmas shaped marshmallows, Xmas DVD, etc.
We make a gincerbread house

lostlalaloopsy Wed 28-May-14 09:09:36

I love, love, love Christmas too!! We have done Elf on the Shelf for the last few years, it is great fun and my dc love it.

On Christmas Eve we make cakes/biscuits and deliver them to neighbours; when we get home the Elf has left a special surprise hamper for dcs with new pjs, toothbrushes, bubble bath and DVD. It's all good fun and I admit I am usually even more excited than dcs!

OP we also do the wrapping paper on living room door to burst through - my 2 yo ds was more interested in that than the presents!

This year will be even better as not only will dc be 6 and 3 so at complete excitement age, we will have a lovely new baby!

BrieAndChilli Wed 28-May-14 12:29:39

Mine are at peak Xmas age, 3,5 and 7. Last year was amazing as old enough to be excited.
We also downloaded the naughty or nice app, just wish I had heard about it sooner as if I made it say naughty they behaved straight away! (They place finger on it and it scans and says which list they are on, there's a secret way of choosing the outcome so you can make it say naughty when you want)
For us it's the whole build up too like going I choose our tree from the forest, trip to a grotto, we take them to pound land to choose a present for everybody (they can choose whatever they want and makes for some funny choice of present) ,

JerseySpud Wed 28-May-14 19:09:14

I love Christmas. This year DD1 will be a few weeks off 8, DD2 will be 3.5. The family is all back together now so will be a proper family christmas again, apart from fil who passed away this year. We're home as well this year too

Knottyknitter Wed 28-May-14 19:16:10

I'm always excited about Christmas, but not usually yet; overly excited about Christmas this year because I know what I'm getting this time....

DC1, due on 27th!

lostlalaloopsy Wed 28-May-14 21:55:49

Aww congratulations knotty. Christmas will be much more exciting for you now!!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 28-May-14 22:04:47

Aww Knotty you might even have a Christmas Baby if DC1 puts in an early appearance grin

wibblyjelly Thu 29-May-14 10:30:43

Aw, Christmas baby, and you can expect to be waited on hand and foot :-)

nickdrakeslovechild Thu 29-May-14 21:37:24

knotty if you want any of the babies 1st Christmas etc things it may be worth buying them before Christmas just in case baby turns up early. I was due just after Christmas and she arrived just before, by the time I could get out and about they had all sold out. You could always take them back if baby arrives on time.

Knottyknitter Fri 30-May-14 06:57:23

Good point nick. I'm hoping it won't arrive bang on Christmas Day, just for its sake as it gets bigger, really.

MTWTFSS Fri 30-May-14 09:26:21

IMO simplicity is key! Keep everything relaxed and stress-free then everyone has a good day smile

chanie44 Wed 11-Jun-14 20:52:15

I'm excited too.

Ds will be 4.5 this Christmas so this will be the first year he properly understands everything. Plus he will be at school so will be doing Christmas stuff there.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 11-Jun-14 22:11:34

Ooh chanie you'll have the delight that is The Christmas Fayre at school.
Mine have both left Junior now but I remember the queues outside the school (for 30 minutes before they opened the doors) the DC getting really excited. It was so busy you couldn't see a thing.
Then there was the cake buying
Decorated jars
Father Christmas Grotto

Ahhhhh memories smile

littlegreengloworm Wed 11-Jun-14 22:19:53

I am not your typical Christmas fan but now I have a little baby and one on the way, my house was a single lonely house and will now be family of four.

I am going to buy a real tree (most years I don't bother with decorations sad )

I have started putting little bits and pieces away. I even bought a cloud baby on the sale, a new cream and gold dinner set.

It's going to be lovely.

chanie44 Fri 13-Jun-14 15:22:17

70, I'm looking forward to the Christmas fair!!!!

This year I plan on doing:
Xmas eve hampers
Magic reindeer food
Gingerbread house
Reindeer farm
Santas grotto
Oxford street Xmas lights
Elf on the shelf

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