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Someone please calm me down, because I am in danger of not speaking to DH over Christmas. Seriously.

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SirChenjin Tue 24-Dec-13 17:16:39

After my light hearted earlier thread, DH has royally fucked up. I am beyond livid. I asked him for 2 things for Christmas. A music CD and for my ring (which I absolutely adore) to be fixed. It's a lovely 1930s ring which have been wearing with my wedding ring, but the middle stone fell out a couple of months ago. Instead of taking it to a jeweller, he decided about 30 mins ago to fix it - with superglue. And guess what - he's botched it up. Majorly botched it up.

The one fucking thing I really, really wanted him to do. I don't know whether to slam doors or cry.

TotallyBursarforHogswatch Tue 24-Dec-13 23:16:40

Thank you.
I think it's easy to slip into hyperbole when upset and if if this was a week after the event for sure that would be OTT, but I am happy to agree to disagree smile
As long as there is no malice all opinions are equal.

Sometimes things just accumulate into a big crap fest & it doesn't take much to open the floodgates and make the focal point a bit of a bigger deal than it maybe otherwise would be. We have all been there, sometimes you benefit from a bit of sympathy so you can get back on track, sometimes you need to be told to give your head a wobble. I think this was a hurtful thing and deserved a bit of sympathy. If Sir does actually glue his hand to his leg, not so much!
You didn't think the same so there's a bit of everything to look at when it's all less fresh.
Which is why I never get 'MN is a hivemind' threads but that's by the by.
I'm going to crawl into bed and wait for DH to get home from work. Sleep well.

Geckos48 Tue 24-Dec-13 23:25:08

I was beyond livid at my OH over a pork pie yesterday...

although it wasn't, it was about his sheer thoughtlessness towards me and the children and his inability to even so much as sort out a tiny gift for me to open christmas morning after I had spent a month scrimping and saving a bit of magic for the kids.

I would be fully expecting foot-rubs and grovelling and endless sorry's from your DH if he were mine OP and I would get my own ring fixed immediately (as I got the only thing I wanted for christmas but had sold out found and paid for by phoning round loads of people today having realised that he actually, absolutely was NOT going to sort it out and get me it despite me blatently TELLING him that on christmas morning THAT is what I wanted.

I hope you are feeling better, relax tomorrow and dont worry about it, just sort it as soon as the shops re-open and life goes back to normal.

blahe Wed 25-Dec-13 09:22:25

Mollydoggerson - posters like you really piss me off. Sorry to get on my high horse but everyone is allowed to feel upset at different things. Someone can always be "out trumped" by others - including my poor BIL who has lost 5 close family members this year alone including his mother, Granddaughter and his own BIL who was killed 2 days ago.

I cant actually even explain what it is about posts like yours that make me so angry, I just know they do.

Lifeasafish Wed 25-Dec-13 09:52:52

It's the belittling of emotion that angers people about the 'better things to get upset about posts'. It's not a competition as to who has it worse and I say this as someone who had an ERPC just yesterday for a much wanted and fought for IVF baby - my second IVF miscarriage last year.

sir I can understand why you are upset, its the lack of thought and planning. Sometimes you have to just suck it up and look for the other things he does that give thought and planning even if they are simple. I would have a talk tomorrow about how it made me feel - not to berate, but just to explain how important it was to you and hopefully you will feel better afterwards.

Merry christmas to all!

SantasComingEarlyHisSackIsFull Wed 25-Dec-13 10:18:50

thanks Lifeisafish. What a woman you are to post support after what you have been through. Any future child of yours (fingers crossed for you in 2014) will be very lucky to have you, you seem so emotionally intelligent. 2013 has been a cunty year for many.

SirChenjin, that is very hurtful. I second getting it out (if that's your "style" of course) if it makes you feel better. No row should happen, because your DH should be totally apologetic and should take on board how shit he has been and how hurt you are. Hope the day improves for you.

Mine will soon enough; I finish work at 13.00 and can then get back to the family. Also my little DS2 (5 yo) is a bit better today after having terrible flu for a week. Happy Christmas, 'y all.

GhettoPrincess001 Wed 25-Dec-13 10:26:47

Yeah, I agree with the poster who remarked about getting the ring professionally cleaned and repaired after Christmas. Your husband can pay, naturally.

In fact, whilst you were in the jewellers you noticed.........(something nice that would improve your mood immensely)

Phantomquartz Wed 25-Dec-13 10:32:29

I do a jewellery course and superglue is very easy to remove. You will then be able to get the ring repaired properly.

Don't worry, this is not the end of the world.

TheDoctrineOfSanta Wed 25-Dec-13 12:11:39

Phantom, bet that is a reassuring post for the OP!

SirChenjin Wed 25-Dec-13 12:15:12

Thanks all - and thanks to all of you who have been on the receiving end of similar grin. It's a relief to hear that superglue is easy to remove - thanks Phantomquartz. On the plus side, he is off to the jewellers first thing tomorrow, and did redeem himself with something lovely! I'm not going to say much in response to the one earlier post, suffice to say that my family and I are very aware that there are far more important things in the world to worry about, and that I am mindful that others on here are going through truly awful times - my thoughts are with them.

Lifeasafish - I am so, so sorry for your loss. Words are simply not enough at this time, and I hope very much that 2014 will be the year you will have a family.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas - here's to a peaceful, healthy and happy 2014.

Lifeasafish Thu 26-Dec-13 10:48:32

Thank you for your comments and sorry - I didn't mean to make it about me, it just irritates me when people's upset's are belittled.

I hope the rest of your day went well and that your ring gets fixed.

SirChenjin Thu 26-Dec-13 11:30:05

Oh no, please don't think for a minute that you made it about you - I certainly didn't think that at all and was so sorry to hear of your sad news sad

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