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Presents for your Dad

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Chewbecca Sun 09-Dec-12 17:04:02

Any ideas welcomed please!

He doesn't like to receive gifts at all really so sometimes gets a bar of chocolate! He really dislikes clothes sothat's a compete no go area.
He reads but prefers to get books from the library.
He does play golf and sometimes golfing accessories go down ok.

BloominMisteltoeMarvellousWine Sun 09-Dec-12 17:05:48

Watching with interest for FIL.

GreatGooglyMoogly Sun 09-Dec-12 17:07:10

Mine likes lottery tickets/ scratch cards smile.

fuzzpig Sun 09-Dec-12 17:10:34

I've got my dad a tagine (£20 in Boots) and a little Moroccan recipe book to go with it.

Guitargirl Sun 09-Dec-12 17:40:09

I have bought my parents a hamper, bought the basket in Home Bargains and then filled it with things I think they would like but I know they wouldn't be able to get locally to where they live. I also put in a tastecard (bought at 50% off) as they eat out quite a bit. I find my parents more difficult to buy for as they get older as I know that they will just buy anything they need for themselves.

Loolah Sun 09-Dec-12 18:09:26

Mine has got a halfords voucher

Yoghurty Sun 09-Dec-12 18:16:02

I buy mine a magazine subscription every year. It's my FIL I have trouble with- he has no hobbies and no interests! shock

Doshusallie Sun 09-Dec-12 18:34:37

Personalised face cloth
Shrek box set
Ridiculous Christmas jumper
50+ men's vitamins

reastie Sun 09-Dec-12 18:36:38

Yes I have this problem too! For FIL this year we bought him and MIL as a surprise afternoon tea for them both at the hotel where they went on holiday last week as an early present (it went down really well - you could do this for a local hotel?) and for DF I've bought him 'graze' boxes for a month here

Chewbecca Sun 09-Dec-12 19:07:04

Thanks for all the suggestions but nothing is grabbing me at all at the moment, I know he would dislike all of them!
He doesn't like wasting money you see so something like an afternoon tea would be considered frivolous and wasteful I think.
Can't quite believe you've bought someone a graze box - won't they find they a bit hmmmm?!
No cooking or food items work.
Halfords voucher is the closest to a possibility so I will tuck that away in my back pocket for a last resort- thanks.
Finally the scratch card would at least provide a little frisson of excitement!
(I often buy scratch cards anyway and pop them into the ends of our crackers)
Thanks again, don't want to sound so negative, it is him who is negative IRL, not me! (though he is a top Dad/Grandad it's only gifting that's difficult about him!)

Guitargirl Sun 09-Dec-12 19:12:03

I bought this for my dad as a father's day present this year, you can add the things that mean the most to him/your family.

reastie Sun 09-Dec-12 19:42:13

Chew I bought him 4 - one a week for a month. My Dad loves nuts and snacks like that and he's been genuinely excited to see what's in his box every week and try the different things they have (got it for his bday last month)

cakeandcustard Sun 09-Dec-12 19:44:24

I got him a USB stick in the shape of a car ... grasping at straws really!

pugsandseals Sun 09-Dec-12 19:48:57

Does he like old planes at all? Vulcan to the Sky are selling all sorts of goodies to raise money for their winter service!

Spons Sun 09-Dec-12 19:52:55

Bruce springsteen tickets! He also got the same last year, Bruce is helping me out at the mo!

whateveritakes Sun 09-Dec-12 19:55:49

I got mine membership to his interest but in America. He gets a magazine and a free gift but he loves the way it's similar but different over there.
He also got a retro tin plate poster to put in his shed/garage. From here.

OhTheConfusion Sun 09-Dec-12 20:02:10

James Bond dvd box set (all films excluding skyfall as not our on dvd yet!), popcorn, sweets and six glass bottles of coke.

Mollydoggerson Sun 09-Dec-12 20:02:44

Bird stand
Warm gloves (woodies)
Garden shears
A tray with legs
Egg cups/Egg timer/household stuff.
Electric blanket
Hot water bottle and warmer/cover.
Tools/football stuff.
Tea towels/towels

Mollydoggerson Sun 09-Dec-12 20:03:25

Overnight bag
Toiletry bag

Arithmeticulous Sun 09-Dec-12 20:21:59

Golf umbrella holder for golf buggy
Golf balls with his face on
Telescopic golf ball retriever
Hats. Winter and summer.
DVD boxset - Homeland, Frasier, West Wing
National trust membership

Arithmeticulous Sun 09-Dec-12 20:23:00

A book about making things from pallets.

meso Sun 09-Dec-12 20:27:30

You mention that he is a great Dad/Grandad - could you get him a nice framed picture of his grandkids? I am using the 'venture' style ones that we had done via nursery. Thats what my PITA inlaws are getting this year as they are pretty impossible to buy for!

Spookey80 Sun 09-Dec-12 20:37:28

Bump- I don't know either! My dad is the same!

waitingtobeamummy Sun 09-Dec-12 20:48:26

We've bought my dad this thing that you play your records on through a usb so you can save them onto your computer, a massive plant pot (he's desperately wanted one!) And some nice thick socks.

ProphetOfDoom Sun 09-Dec-12 20:56:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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