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Come on then, you clever people, share your christmas gift ideas with me.

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DreamsOfSteam Sun 06-Nov-11 13:42:50

I'm fed up of buying rubbish presents. You know the ones, 3 for 2 bath gift sets and the like.

So inspire me with you cheap but lovley gift ideas that will leave my family feeling really special this year.


CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 06-Nov-11 13:55:00

A thoughtfully-chosen paperback can make someone feel very special and they cost next to zip. If someone has a hobby you can often buy specialist things that are small but desirable. If you're good at making things that can be fun. In the past I've made Chrismassy preserves, truffles and biscuits and they were much appreciated. My friend found a source of cheap wool and is knitting everyone in her family gloves this year

MrsUnassumingTroll Sun 06-Nov-11 13:57:23

There are lots of clever MN'ers with fab ideas over on the 'Christmas' topic...more likely to get a response over there?

Have been hanging out there for the past few days and got loads of ideas.

Kladdkaka Sun 06-Nov-11 13:58:44

I'm getting my husband a new briefcase made out of recycled car tyres. It sounds weird but looks very smart. The recycled car tyres is apparantly a man thing that they get very excited over (husband nearly cried when brother got a wallet of the same material last year because he wanted one too.)

DreamsOfSteam Sun 06-Nov-11 13:59:23

gosh, I think if I tried to knit something we could turn it into the after dinner game of 'guess what the present from the mad relative is' grin

Bisciuts I could probably manage

DreamsOfSteam Sun 06-Nov-11 14:07:06

mind you I can't spell biscuit apparently, so maybe not! grin

joanofarchitrave Sun 06-Nov-11 14:09:49

Books. Handy Christmas presents are:

-Alice in Wonderland with Helen Oxenbury's illustrations. Absolutely amazing for any child around KS2.

-River Cottage cookery books- not the big ones, but the small 'technical' ones. The Preserves one is the best, the Bread one is great, I've asked for the Cakes one for Christmas smile

-Neverland - very well-reviewed novel about cricket!! Ideal for tricky (present-wise) older men.

- Pop Charts - brilliant for anyone over about 35.

Other than books:
Bags of gold and silver or transparent Hama beads are really nice small presents for children 5+ - especially if you are seeing them in the days before Christmas - they can then make decorations with them.

DreamsOfSteam Sun 06-Nov-11 14:27:04

Thanks I shall have a hunt around to see if I can find some books that would go down well. I like the look of the pop charts one myself! grin

Tortington Sun 06-Nov-11 14:28:51

i bought my dd's girlfriend a polarbear hat hmm is a hat...that looks like a polar bear. The GF is 18 and a bit quirky. the my fair trade <wibble?>

joanofarchitrave Sun 06-Nov-11 14:31:41

pollocks toy theatre cinderella £15

AFuckingKnackeredWoman Sun 06-Nov-11 14:34:53

Kladdkaka -Thats a great site! I just ordered a wallet and wash bag

2cats2many Sun 06-Nov-11 14:49:20

I've just knicked the recycled tyre satchel idea. It looks fab!

Self stirring mug ? wink

Tortington Sun 06-Nov-11 14:54:28

in true mumsnet stylee you can snigger when they open it and hum the tune

Tortington Sun 06-Nov-11 14:54:45

fecking love that tyre satchel

goingbacktowork Sun 06-Nov-11 14:59:12

pollocks toy theatre cinderella £15
Anyone got a link to this?

also cannot find the neverland cricket book. Any ideas?

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 06-Nov-11 14:59:21

Lovely thread idea
<marks place>
I am in denial over 25/12 and so are other posters on MN so I'm gonna move this to our lovely Christmas topic grin
M TOwers

ConcreteElephant Sun 06-Nov-11 15:33:24

I think Joan meant Netherland?

PrimaBallerina Sun 06-Nov-11 16:08:40

I've just ordered Netherland for my cricket loving DH so thanks!

I bought some nice Orla Kierly for Brita water bottles in pink and green for SIL and MIL, who both play sport / go to the gym. I can't link from my phone but I got them from a seller on eBay (new of course!). They are really smart and cost about £8 for two including delivery.

PrimaBallerina Sun 06-Nov-11 16:09:24


DreamsOfSteam Mon 07-Nov-11 10:20:10

While I admit the christmas topic is the place for this thread, moving it did pretty much kill it dead!

Thanks to all of you who did reply I at least do have a few ideas now.

and I'll see the rest of you down the shops on christmas eve then, when I'm panic buying the same old tat! [not bitter emoticon] grin

MrsUnassumingTroll Mon 07-Nov-11 10:26:21

The Christmas topic doesn't move as fast as Chat, but you should still get some traffic.

I didn't dob you in to MNHQ, BTW!

DreamsOfSteam Mon 07-Nov-11 10:31:18

No thats okay MrsU I didn't think it was you! I have a fair idea who it was but never mind. I guess I'll just have to hold off on my shopping abit longer. grin I just don't do being patiant

WaitingForMe Mon 07-Nov-11 16:07:13

How to be a woman by Caitlin Moran was brilliant. I just bought it for my three closest female friends!

joanofarchitrave Mon 07-Nov-11 17:07:22

massive blush re neverland/netherland confusion - I was typing with one eye on an interview with Tito Jackson. What your temporal lobe and your fingers can conspire to do without your frontal lobe's consent...

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