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Do i sound tight for Christmas?!! Oh and help me choose ribbon!

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Lisatheonewhoeatsdrytoast Mon 26-Sep-11 14:57:59


I have set a budget of £20 each for my DM and DMIL
I'm not buying for any other adults instead i'm baking for them?
Children of which there are 6 not including my DS, i have set £10-£15 each?

Plus i have purchased my brown paper from ebay, as i liked that idea for wrapping gifts traditionally, and i'm now looking for ribbon on ebay smile I'm looking for something gingerbread man for adults or maybe a merry christmas type and a santa type for the kiddies smile

Do i sound like a mean get? I have told others in RL i'm doing this and keep getting these kind of looks hmm

girlywhirly Mon 26-Sep-11 15:08:31

Lisa, I think you are wise to have a budget for gifts and it doesn't sound at all mean. Ignore the looks, if they don't like it they can go without, the ungrateful so and so's. Some people don't give gifts for adults, just the kids.

inchoccyheaven Mon 26-Sep-11 16:02:38

I don't think you are tight at all. They are the kind of budgets we have for family members although I wouldn't inflict my baking on anyone grin so spend about a tenner or the adults too.

What delicious treats are you making? I would be happy to recieve food but then I am a gut bucket blush grin

Lisatheonewhoeatsdrytoast Mon 26-Sep-11 16:13:44

Well for my Grandparents, who are both 80, i am making a fruit cake, and some mini scones.

For the others, i'm thinking christmas cupcakes, and gingerbread men smile

theITgirl Mon 26-Sep-11 16:22:05

You don't sound tight at all, sounds delicious.
However is it a good idea to have food treats that go stale quite quickly? Obviously fruit cake is fine, but scones & cupcakes don't last that long. Sorry

Lisatheonewhoeatsdrytoast Mon 26-Sep-11 16:41:44

Yup well i'll deliver the cupcakes/scones on christmas eve, so that's not too bad!

NoGoodAtHousework Mon 26-Sep-11 17:24:31

We have 2 new grandchildren/niece & nephew this year who everyone will want to spoil so as theres a lot of us adult siblings. My sister and I (the other new mum) have decided to encourage a secret Santa type deal fr presents so everyone only has to buy one present rather than spending shot loads on what essentially is a load of crap usually!

Lisatheonewhoeatsdrytoast Mon 26-Sep-11 21:20:51

The secret santa sounds good too! I didn't think i was being tight! Just holding to my budget!

AmaraDresden Mon 26-Sep-11 21:56:43

Definitely not tight! If we didn't have a budget we'd end up needing a bank loan lol, huge families both sides makes things difficult.

AmaraDresden Mon 26-Sep-11 21:56:43

Definitely not tight! If we didn't have a budget we'd end up needing a bank loan lol, huge families both sides makes things difficult.

Pigleychez Mon 26-Sep-11 22:03:11

Definately not tight. Ive bought most of presents for the children in the family in the sales. My Neices presents (Disney pop up tent and Tinkerbell puzzle set) have cost be a total of £11 and my nephew (Ride on/walker thingy and a large happyland car) cost £13.

Plan of making/cooking lots of bits for Adults. Expecting a cats bum face from my mum but thats her tough hey!

pramsgalore Tue 27-Sep-11 09:19:25

as a family, me and my sisters only buy for the dc's at £20 each mum and dad are £10-£20 each and inlaws are about the same £10-£20 less if i find something in the sales grin
so no i don't think you are being tight, as for wrapping paper i buy mine in the sales when it comes right down in price, i got a set of 3 rolls,ribbon and bows for 75p and got 3 and still got 3for2 shock' but i am liking the brown paper and ribbon, may do that for birthdays

smalltownshame Tue 27-Sep-11 09:29:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

peaz Tue 27-Sep-11 10:18:38

Nope not tight at all! I bought a lot of stuff in the sale for the kids so it looks more than I actually spent. I'm also making little things for grown up people in the family (candles for the girlies, sweeties for the boys).

Brother and sis in law- last year I got a Groupon deal for dinner so paid less than the meal cost. Might do the same this year. MIL and FIL usually get something in the sales. I spend a bit more on mum because she helps out with our son a lot but she'll get a lot of bits in the sale so it might cost £50 but it will be worth much more than that!

Lisatheonewhoeatsdrytoast Tue 27-Sep-11 14:47:18

oo yes i'm looking stamps to decorate the kiddies parcels with!!! However none of you lot have helped with my ribbon yet grin

pramsgalore Tue 27-Sep-11 14:49:39

craft shops sell chritmas ribbon on spools and ebay grin i saw some in hobby craft

Lisatheonewhoeatsdrytoast Tue 27-Sep-11 16:02:23

I'm loving the ones i've seen on ebay, quite cheap too, what for the kiddies? Santa? and my gingerbread men for adults?

Flisspaps Tue 27-Sep-11 16:04:38

Ribbon will be cheaper from a local market (probably) - I've found it costs about £1 a metre generally from ebay, plus postage whereas it's around 20p a metre at the market. It all adds up when you're on a budget ;)

pramsgalore Tue 27-Sep-11 16:10:18

yes gingerbread men for adults and either santa or snowmen for kiddies sounds lovely, a spool it may be cheaper and if you buy all from one seller postage may be cheaper as well.

pramsgalore Tue 27-Sep-11 16:15:57

have you spotted this

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