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Women who have brought discrimination cases

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Natt · 04/05/2001 13:53

I am a freelance journalist (and sleep-deprived Mumsnet user!) and am writing an article about what happens to women who bring sex discrimination cases after the case is all over. I am hoping to speak to women who won their cases, women who lost their cases, women who stayed in the job where the discrimination occurred and those who didn't. Can be totally confidential! If you are willing to talk to me, could you contact me at [email protected] Thanks

OP posts:

Babynick · 07/05/2001 23:08

You could also do an article about men who have won discrimination cases against places such as Colleges that would not let them train as a Nursery Nurse - just a thought - though may not be as interesting to your readers... oh well.


Tom · 08/05/2001 18:14

You should get in touch with the Equal Opportunities Commission - they are in charge of bringin public prosecutions under sex discrimination legislation. You may also find the following interview with a dad who won a sex discrimination case against a firm who wouldn't let him work part time after his baby was born (although they let plenty of mums do this):

Go to Workspace...Your rights at work - the article is called "Winning the right to work part time".


Babynick · 16/05/2001 20:22

Hi Tom

The EOC were quite helpful... got me interested in an SD74!

Thanks for the link to that article.

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