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Holiday entitlement

4 replies

thebluehen · 09/02/2023 20:59

How would holiday be calculated for this scenario please?

Term time hours 12 hours
Holiday hours will vary from 0 hours to approx 10 hours depending on the week.

OP posts:
userhjf67 · 09/02/2023 21:03

I work term time and don't get any holiday entitlement, holiday is the school holiday

JenniferWooley · 09/02/2023 21:04

You'll get 5.6 weeks holiday paid at your average weekly pay based on the previous 52 weeks wages - if you've worked there less than 52 weeks your average weekly pay is calculated using the information available.

The hours aren't relevant & are a bit of a red herring in holiday pay after the Harpur v Brazel case.

Sucessinthenewyear · 09/02/2023 21:04

It depends on your contract but most school staff are unable to work scho

Sucessinthenewyear · 09/02/2023 21:05

Sorry, posted too soon.

Most school staff are unable to take term time holidays. You will need to see what your contract says.

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