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Socialhivve · 20/04/2018 13:45

Hello everybody i have just started an indiegogo campaign for my social media platform, one that will protect our users and their identity. it has been years in the making and now I’m ready to move forward.

I would really appreciate your feedback and support.
My platform will never share data and never show ads.

The most important reason for doing this was my eldest son now 13 has joined Facebook and I can’t stand it lol but more importantly Facebook doesn’t protect its users at all, I’m hoping to change that.

One of my biggest feature is parentle controls, full control over our child’s account for example you simply swipe right and it will take you to your child’s account in full where you will have full access to what is seen, shared and talked about.
You will be able to limit every aspect of their account and monitor what the see and share.

Please take a look at my campaign and all feedback will be greatfully appreciated.

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