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Any H.E. workers going on strike?

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marialuisa · 12/02/2004 15:36

Sorry, just curious. It's all anyone's talking about at work, although mostly it's people resigning their membership.

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Marina · 12/02/2004 15:43

No. I'm a member of a union all right but not the ones taking action. My HE environment is an unusual one though Marialuisa, and we aren't in the mainstream - why is everyone resigning? Is it dissatisfaction with NATFHE?


marialuisa · 12/02/2004 15:51

Well it seems to be AUT (Russell Group thing?)dominated here. People are resigning because they don't support the strike at all, especially the reasons given.

OP posts:

bossykate · 12/02/2004 15:52

isn't it the AUT which has got a mandate for industrial action? i think NATFHE does not support industrial action. the report in the guardian today was rather garbled - at first seemed to be about tuition fees and then about pay. will ask dh.


bossykate · 12/02/2004 15:53

dh would not support a strike protesting against tuition fees but would be in favour of taking industrial action on pay.


marialuisa · 12/02/2004 16:05

AUT have voted for strike action, NAFTHE have rejected it. Find it difficult to be sympathetic to AUT whines about performance related pay etc. Also doesn't help that most prominent AUT voices here are the laziest shirkers going.

OP posts:

bossykate · 12/02/2004 17:24

here is the story

hard to argue with the 40% fall in pay, i'd have thought.

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