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Does anyone else read the comments section on the Times website and feel like weeping?

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PatsyStone · 21/05/2010 16:15

Basically just that. Anyone who thinks that feminism is not needed should take any story on that website remotely concerned with women/women's rights, read the comments left under and then tell me they still think feminism is not needed. Gah!

Just been reading various reactions to the proposed rules regarding accused rapists' anonymity. Not good for the blood pressure.

Please tell me that it is a minute amount of people who post on those sites and most people don't think like that!

OP posts:
abr1de · 21/05/2010 16:18

You certainly get more loons on the newspaper comments sections than almost anywhere else in the world.

A lot of them seem to be based abroad on the whole. I suppose we should be grateful.

ElephantsAndMiasmas · 21/05/2010 16:44

Guardia CommentisFree and the DM are also dreadful. I think there are a few people who hang out on all of them TBH. Might be good if they closed comments on most articles, some of the most vile stuff is spouted on there.

PatsyStone · 21/05/2010 17:04

I agree about Guardian and Mail as well, but there just seems to be such hatred and bitterness on the Times, although having said that the paper as a whole has been annoying me for a while, especially the Sunday Times. There seems to be this whole ethos of wealthy male entitlement doing and getting whatever they damn well want, and the little women should just prettily simper on the side (in ridiculously expensive clothes and makeup). Oh, and of course, don't be surprised if your man cheats, (especially if it's with glamourous prostitutes) because that's just what men are entitled/hard wired/bound to do isn't it?

Sorry for rant, it is all so one sided. I suppose people think they can get away with saying what they would never dare to in real life, although that doesn't make me feel any better!

OP posts:
abr1de · 21/05/2010 19:26

If you want some really ripe views try the comments section on Damian THompson's religion blog in the Telegraph.

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