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Don’t politicise Relationships, Sex & Health Education, 50+ VAWG experts warn

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IwantToRetire · 24/03/2023 16:43

In the wake of a number of devastating and high-profile murders of women, the exposure of misogyny and racism in our police forces, and the rising impact of online misogynist influencers – the government has often restated its commitment to tackling violence against women and girls. Prevention work, including RSHE, is a critical part of the government’s Tackling VAWG Strategy – which commits that the Department for Education will better support teachers to deliver the RSHE curriculum. As such, we were keenly awaiting the scheduled review of the RSHE statutory guidance, which we now understand the government intends to bring forward by a number of months.

In light of recent headlines – which have the potential to incite opposition to much needed RSHE delivery in schools, we are seeking assurances that the upcoming review will not be unnecessarily politicised, and will be focused on what children and young people need to live happy and healthy lives, and the urgent need to do more to tackle VAWG and the rising influence of online misogyny in schools.

Worth reading the letter in full and the headlines they reference as indications that the issue is being politicised. And to see who have signed it.

Don’t politicise Relationships, Sex & Health Education, 50+ VAWG experts warn | End Violence Against Women

Following recent headlines which have the potential to incite opposition to desperately needed Relationships, Sex, Health and Education (RSHE) in schools, a coalition of 54 organisations and experts in violence against women and girls have today (22nd...

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ResisterRex · 05/04/2023 06:24

EVAW have had nothing to say about yesterday's seemingly very good news for women as discussed here and reported in the media. So maybe they don't champion women after all:

EA petition EHRC are in favour of reviewing the definition of sex

IwantToRetire · 05/04/2023 16:54

Unfortunately this has been a pattern with groups who have somehow got funding to be representative of other groups.

And all too often they then can easily be "infiltrated" by women whose political priorities are elsewhere. (one group is known to have someone from Sisters Uncut on the management committee).

The irony is that funders like these faux representative groups as it is less work for them, ie they can say they have consulted with groups when they mean they have only spoken to someone from one of these groups. eg the Women's Resource Centre has done little to help grassroots women's groups.

And it has been really noticeable in the past year of so that on every occassion they can they will put out a joint statement about the police, but as far as I am aware no so called representative group has ever put out a statement about the need for women only (biological) services.

They could so easily have done this in a calm and measured way, saying women's services should always have this as a primary service, but it wouldn't stop them (as some already do) offering services to men, and trans identified people.

Its hard, and really sad, to think that either they dont think it is a priority, or that they think they cant say it. In which case they should say we shouldn't exist!

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