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"It's sexy when you bend down like that" says Mayor of Oxford

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MakesCakesWhenStressed · 19/03/2013 14:31

... to a 13 year old girl. WTAF?

Just seen it on a thread on the Oxfordshire Mumsnet here

OP posts:
mamij · 19/03/2013 14:42

And he's still in post?! What were the committee thinking?

mungotracy · 19/03/2013 15:00

I suspect they were thinking

"theres no evidence he said this at all and you cant fire people on the basis of hearsay"

hes been censured on the probability he 'may' have said something of that nature and that's as a sap to the lynchmob public opinion.

FloraFox · 19/03/2013 16:00

Which part was hearsay?

MurderOfGoths · 19/03/2013 16:08

Quotes from the Mayor

"I may have said something like ?best if you stand next to me? and that could have been misheard as containing the words ?bending? and ?sexy?. However, I don?t believe the girls lied"

"I think it is very unlikely that I said the word ?sexy?, and that is what I have said all along, but in any case I do not believe it (the word) has any sexual connotation."

Slightly odd things to say. Especially the whole sexy has no sexual connotations bit! Why, if you didn't say it, would you then go on to say "well it doesn't refer to anything sexual anyway"

MakesCakesWhenStressed · 19/03/2013 16:09

Presumably the girl reported him, so... a witness, not hearsay?

OP posts:
skaen · 19/03/2013 16:15

He now has been censured and resigned as Mayor last week so while it is an obnoxious, stupid and crass thing to say, at least it has been dealt with.

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