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Prolapse (I think?) and sore skin. Any connection? Some bits of tmi

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Namechangedashamed · 18/05/2020 18:20

I don't know where to start with his really. Not too long had my third dc. Since I had him I have felt like my skin was irritated, mainly on one side of my labia, although the feeling does move around a little. It is a mild tingly, annoying feeling. Enough for me to be conscious of it but it doesn't wake me at night, isn't itchy, no smell, nothing visible on the skin aside from all of the skin down there maybe looks a little dry.

It usually bothers me slightly for a few days once a month and then goes away. I have tried canestan on the area at various points and it helps after one or two applications so I stop. I have put it down to possibly dryness or maybe hormonal because I am breastfeeding. I've used some hydromol down there and that helps too quite quickly.

I felt like the feeling had come back and in the process of having a look down there I noticed that my urethra looks to have droped and is now a bulge where there was once a flat area. I can also see a largeish ball type bulge next to it. I would say at the entrance to my vagina but in all honesty I can't tell where the entrance is anymore Blush . I just have the slightly bulgy urethra and the biggish fleshy bulge next to it and then another smaller fleshy bulge. I think it looks like I have prolapse or some kind? I'm not sure if it is the vaginal walls hanging down or something else.

Anyway, I had a bit more of a root round to see if I can see what is causing the irritation and when I look underneath the inner labia, there is a distinct almost perfect line lengthsways between pink skin and very very red looking skin. I am wondering if this is what is causing the irritation or whether it is just a normal change in the skin colour in that area. When I touch the red area it feels a bit tender but not hugely painful.

Anyone with a prolapse or otherwise have any knowledge of this? Does this colour sound normal or abnormal?

OP posts:
YouKnowWhoo · 18/05/2020 18:30

Your name makes me sad - don’t be ashamed! Fair play to you having a look down there. I struggled to do that for ages once I knew something was wrong.

It could be a prolapse, it might not. But don’t panic - prolapses range from a massively broad scale of being entirely symptom free to needing surgery. I’ve a mild enough prolapse - I bf for a year and I saw a marked change after this. Hormones will affect it. Hormones will affect dryness too and make it feel much more annoying and make you think about down there much more.
Get a urogynae (not a gynaecologist) to review you. Presuming you’ve a small baby please keep assured you have lots of recovery to make naturally. This isn’t the end of your journey.

Idododoidadada · 18/05/2020 18:38

Urethra prolapse? Google does have some images if you aren’t on the sensitive side so you can compare.

Please book a telephone consultation with a DR so they can decide if they need to either examine you & refer or just discuss and refer if they aren’t doing face to face appointments at your practice.

The drs have seen it all, honestly. Nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s important to have both issues resolved.

Namechangedashamed · 18/05/2020 19:01

Thank you both for taking the time to respond and so quickly. It is just so mortifying talking about the ins and outs. I do actually have a phone appointment tomorrow but was at a bit of a loss in terms of describing what was what as I can't make head nor tail of what is going on down there. I have googled and I do think definate uretheral prolapse. I just can't tell what the other bulges might be and the very red skin around them. After a google I now know that the distinct line between the skin colours is normal but i'm not sure whether the skin on what I now know is the vestibule should be red or not.

It is just so depressing as there are no quick answers and I so desperately want to feel normal Sad

OP posts:
YouKnowWhoo · 19/05/2020 00:19

I know how you feel. I felt exactly like that when I was dealing with it. Glad you’ve got a docs appointment, do push for a consultant referral and physio too, if possible. My GP kicked off both processes quickly. You’re right there are no quick fixes but this is NOT the finish line. You’ve tonnes more helping to go.

YouKnowWhoo · 19/05/2020 00:19

Typo! Helping - healing, sorry!

Idododoidadada · 19/05/2020 16:09

@Namechangedashamed Please don’t feel mortified talking to drs, they really aren’t phased at all by anything the come across and they are there to help you. Admittedly the situation at the moment is making everything a bit difficult but I hope they can manage to get you seen somewhere soon.

YouKnowWhoo · 19/05/2020 16:15

Hope the phone appointment went well OP.

Namechangedashamed · 19/05/2020 19:34

Thank you both so much. Appointment went well, much easier and less embarrassing over the phone - I know it is silly but it is describing all the anotomical parts which is just so excruciating.

Anyway on describing my symptoms she is treating me for bv as a first port of call as I had already tried thrush creams, just incase there is a slight imbalance going on. The prolapse element is something I will have to sort when I can go in in person. I actually think there may be a couple of issues going on and the current possible bv is a bit of a red herring. I think it will be a bit if trial and error but at least I have taken a step forward.

OP posts:
Idododoidadada · 20/05/2020 16:32

Well that’s good & it will all be recorded in your notes so will be easier to discuss next time when you get to see them face to face.

girlmumoftwo · 10/04/2021 09:31


Hello! I’m 9 weeks postpartum and have the same symptoms. Did you ever find out what’s going on and do you feel better?

Namechangedashamed · 11/04/2021 19:11

Hi girlmum unfortunately I'm not 100% better but I am further along in getting sorted.

I've spoken to the GP a number of times and been examined. Had swabs to rule out any kind of infection though mainly for thrush, which came back clear and she said my skin looked healthy. Though I wasn't symptomatic at the time so I expected this. She did however say that I do have a prolapse, though apparently not the most severe.

Since I am suffering some symptoms from including some continence issues, I have been referred to a women's physio. I had my first appointment via telephone and she was so lovely and reassuring, and I am due to see someone in person soon.

In terms of my skin, I have seen some improvement recently. I think my skin was initially irritated after the birth/bleeding/wearing of pads/extra washing. I had got to a point where I was showering twice or more a day and applying lashings of hydromol (thick and oily) because it has been suggested that I was suffering from dryness and general irritation. The hydromol felt like it helped because it soothed my skin for a while but I think it was possibly leading to thrush every now and again hence the flare ups. I wasn't really thoroughly treating the thrush because I didn't really know/believe it was, but I was using canestan sporadically and perhaps kept it at bay a bit.

I stopped using the hydromol which I was washing with and also applying, and started just washing with dermol instead on the GPs recommendation. Reduced showers back down to once a day, made sure to dry thoroughly, and treated for thrush for a full two weeks. I think for me, my continence issues are also a factor, so I'm trying to work on that too. Touch wood, I am feeling a lot better though I do still feel like it is a fine balance. Perhaps that will improve with time.

These things might not apply 100% to you but I think the point is, keep a really close eye on when flareups occur etc and see if you can identify potential triggers. Eliminate these, even if it was something you thought was helping previously, and see if it helps. The GP has been helpful but I do feel the onus has been on me to figure out my own body and potential causes. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon

OP posts:
girlmumoftwo · 13/04/2021 08:25

Thank you very much for your detailed reply.

I hope we both make a full recovery.

Jenibluebell · 18/04/2021 22:05

Hi ladies sending huge hugs
There is a very supportive and informative group on fb look for FPOPS(female pelvic organ prolapse) ..... all about prolapses and everything that goes with it
I hope you are ok and can get sorted. I have 3 prolapses grade 2 xx

Jenibluebell · 18/04/2021 22:06

And also please do not be ashamed. More awareness and support is needed for these conditions. There is a petition going which I started, im not sure if I can post the link but its on the government petitions site you can search prolapse x

Jenibluebell · 18/04/2021 22:42
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