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Anyone done 'Tony Ferguson' Weightloss programme?

25 replies

Disenchanted3 · 05/05/2010 09:44

Am seriously considering this,

has anyone done it?

I know its not a long term thing, and before anyone says i'll just put it all back on, well I'm not planning to have ANOTHER 3 kids within 5 years so I really don't think I will

I just need a good way to get rid of a couple of stone then I can continue eatibng healthy and excercising.

OP posts:
LostGirl · 05/05/2010 10:27

WHat is it? Is it another 'drinks replace meals on a ridiculous low calorie diet' a la the cambridge diet? Surely it would be better to just start the healthy eating and exercising now, make the changes to your lifestyle now that you seem to plan on making after you have lost the weight. Yes, the weight will come off far more slowly but at least it should be more sustainable?

Disenchanted3 · 05/05/2010 10:38

I just asked if anyone had done it and it doesn't sound like you have, but thanks anyways.

OP posts:
LostGirl · 05/05/2010 12:05

Apologies for the unasked for opinion, hope it goes well if you decide to give it a go.

Joby1970 · 05/05/2010 12:44

Disenchanted : whilst I hope you find something that works for you I have to agree wuth Lostgirl - I've just had a look at the web site & it is about meal replacements & munch bars. If you try it & lose the weight you will still have to learn how to eat healthily afterwards to keep the wieght off. Please don't get upset by this post - but thats the way it is there really is no quick fix that works long term - sorry

Disenchanted3 · 05/05/2010 14:04

FGS I eat healthy already... I put weight on having 3 kids in a row and not loosing weight in between, I have lost a stone already but want to loose it faster.

OP posts:
lydiane · 10/05/2010 21:36

Hi. I am doing the Tony ferguson diet. I am just coming up to completing my first week.

In the past I did the Cambridge diet - this diet is very different. this is what my typical day looks like

tony F shake for breakfast
fruit for a snack
tony F bar or soup
fruit for a snack
a healthy dinner (today was omelette with avocado salad)

you also are encouraged to eat unlimited veggies.

I really like the diet. You have freephone support 365 days a year and the information is clear.
I have tried soo many diets (including meal replacement) which have worked but then I have rebounded into bad eating habits. I have tried eating healthily and exercise but I have a lot to loose and I was all over the place.

So this diet has been perfect for me. I am learning to eat healthily from scratch in a controlled way.
I have to highlight again (and I know what I am talking about) I find that it is different from the other food replacement diets.

The only negative is price. each TF shake/soup/bar is about £2. so it can be pricey.

Hope this helps x

SparkyMalarky · 12/05/2010 12:00

am just considering this myself.

Lydiane - how much are you hoping to lose if you don't mind me asking (I want to lose 2+ stone)? and how's the weight loss gone this week?

lydiane · 12/05/2010 14:11

Hi sparky
I have ALOT to loose (10 stone) so I have a long way ahead. I lost 8 lbs in my first week and I am starting to feel good.
It is hard because it is so restrictive and it is not for everybody - but I need structure and I need to be told what to eat!

The first 3 day were very hard, detoxing off of all the rubbish I have been consuming! but a week in I am starting to feel actually quite good. I just had aspargus and spinich with gravy for my lunch! a week ago I wouldn't have eaten that! but I really enjoyed it and it is free food. I am about to have a bar. so all good.

If you want to look into it the boots consltants are really helpful. x
hope this helps

SparkyMalarky · 12/05/2010 18:40

8lb !!! well done!

That's all really helpful info - I need clear structure too so it might work for me. I've a heavy couple of 'going out' weeks ahead but might plan a start date fir just after. Do you leave boots with all the stuff if you just go in, or do you need an appointment?

Maybe we should start a support thread?

jakscrakers · 17/05/2010 07:20


I am doing the Tony Ferguson Weightloss programme myself, and I have been doing it so far for 11 weeks, I was lucky enough to be one of the chosen few who trialed this. It works!! what more can i say, I have lost so far 2 stone 10 pounds. I still have a ways to go but the change is wonderful, the energy I have is fantastic.

Good luck

SparkyMalarky · 20/05/2010 16:45

Oh another success story hurrah!! Have got my first set of sachets etc so I'm going to start next week. Anyone else starting?

joybenn · 22/05/2010 22:34

Been looking to buy tony f online but then couldn't be in for delivery, so ive bought a few random packs and the 'manual' from Boots; i wanted to know which flavours i like before i get started for real. ive done meal replacement before and they do work if you are committed; i put 1 stone back on after losing 3 and a half with meal replacement. i know i have over eaten during the winter, so for me its more about portion control, i do eat healthy stuff. Get in the zone and you will succeed, good luck.

Danilou22 · 31/05/2010 21:48

Hope you don't mind me butting in.

Can you tell me how it is different from the Cambridge Diet or Slimfast?


jakscrakers · 01/06/2010 19:17

I have never tried the cambridge diet but I have the slimfast and personally i didnt like the shakes i found them grainy and artificial tasting, these shakes are yummy, really creamy and they actually fill you up. All i can say myself is that i have been on this programme now for 13 weeks and have lost 3 stone 2lb }

Danilou22 · 01/06/2010 20:34

Don't suppose you know if they are low GI? I have PCOS and need to have a low GI diet but I find it easier to just have shakes or bars etc during the day so I don't have to think about what I am eating.


SparkyMalarky · 04/06/2010 10:40

Hi - started this this week and so far it's working .

Danilou - you should ask in Boots, but I know that it's all about good carbs in the evening, not so sure about the bars though

MathsMadMummy · 05/06/2010 07:48

Danilou - my DH works for Boots and just did a TF training day. I think there is a lot of info about GI, I seem to remember there's lists of veggies/fruit categorised according to GI so the lowest are 'unlimited' and those with high GI are occasional.

I'm not sure about the actual shakes/bars being low GI (DH is asleep ATM!) but I'd guess they are because of what I wrote above!

MathsMadMummy · 05/06/2010 07:50

Also I'd say having PCOS you'll need to bring that up with the sales person as you may need extra 'supervision' and a chat with the pharmacist if you're on medication. (you do if you're diabetic etc)

mumofthreeterrors · 29/06/2010 13:51

My mother-in-law has benn doing it about a month and has lost a stone so i am off to boots tomorrow. Am a bit nervous as i use everything as an excuse to eat but i think the rigidity of it will be good for me. Will let you know how i get on.

kylie4836 · 29/06/2010 14:23

hi all, i have stated it today but i cant stand the shakes - they make my cringe (even the smell) but the lady said i can replace my morning shake with a bar instead- so thats good. I need to lose 1 1/2 stone so i can get my breast reduction approved by the nhs. Im only 23 so im hoping my metabollism will grain away at the fat lol. Does any one know how long it takes to lose this kind of weight?

SandyBits · 29/06/2010 14:26

Kylie, with respect, I really don't think a meal replacement system is goign to help. If you change to a sensible diet you can easily lose that amount within 3 months and keep it off afterwards. Meal replacement diets are a one way road to fatville

supermummmy · 30/08/2010 20:14

well done


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wiccan41 · 08/03/2011 10:33

ndyBits any weightloss plan will lead to a gain if we dont stick at what we learn which sadly is a high % as we revert back to old and emotional eating.So I disagree meal replacements are the way to go to fatsville all 'diets' are we need to reducate ourselves which is hard

cadiche · 04/03/2016 14:44

I did the Tony Ferguson program in Australia (Canberra) about 8 years ago. I lost around 40 kilos in 3 months and wasn't left feeling hungry. I had a normal breakfast, fruit as a snack, a meal replacement shake for lunch, fruit as a snack and a meal replacement for dinner, fruit for dessert. I did a quick walk around the block each day for exercise and that's about it. You learn (with the program) how to eat properly and end up winding back to one meal replacement per day. By the time you have reached your goal weight, you have the tools you need to maintain it.

I stayed at my goal weight for some years afterwards, and then moved to Finland - no TF support, completely different foods, and am now Type 2 diabetic. As long as you keep with it (and don't move to another country), you should do well :)

doughnutslikefannys · 04/03/2016 16:25

This thread is from 2010...

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