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New year inspiration

Ginnotgym · 30/12/2017 08:08

Feel like I need an action plan for the new year

So far my plan is:

Keep up momentum with running started this summer (and get faster/fitter).

Chuck in some joe wicks 15 min sessions

Be less lazy with cooking - salads, fish, low carb etc - am reading some healthy cook books for inspo (but have to be a bit careful/selective as have IBS)

More sex! Wink

All pretty simple in theory!

Hate the cliche of starting on 1st Jan as it all feels so depressing and unattainable but need rid of all the Christmas treats first!

Want to maybe lose 1-2 stone by May.

What are everyone else's action plans?

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FelixCited · 30/12/2017 08:31

Mine are:
Get back into pre pregnancy trousers
Complete a charity walk
Be at target weight by my birthday
Join a gym class

Good luck with your resolutions

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