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Searbear · 18/02/2019 23:38

DO your kids play fortnite? lol .. my kids do .. im a mother, and i play fortnite with my boys, strange right? its actually a amazing way to spend time with your kids, connect with them, be a little different , and keep an eye on the, i would really encourage you to play with you kids once a week . you will absolutely have a laugh . times are changing i learnt its about moving with the changes and working with our kids

OP posts:
FordPrefect42 · 18/02/2019 23:52

Well given that you’re almost definitely a troll who doesn’t actually play Fortnite and I’m actually a Tier 100 player, I would easily beat you in a 1v1. 😉

Half term holiday is it?

IWantMyHatBack · 18/02/2019 23:59

Haha, no.

FordPrefect42 · 19/02/2019 00:14

I mean, I know this will get deleted eventually but fuck it;

If you want to let your children play Fortnite, it’s actually a good game and I do feel it gets bad press. It’s 12 rated so nowhere NEAR as bad as COD/Halo/GTA but somehow still gets lumped into these categories. There’s no blood/sexualised ladies/knives/drugs/swearing, just really cartoonish violence where “damage points” show up if you shoot someone and then if you eliminate them (Epic deliberately don’t use the word kill) they just get teleported into this machine (back to the lobby so you can play another game).

Teach your kids not to accept random friend requests, to only use Voicechat with close friends, and don’t give them your bank card details and they won’t be able to make in game purchases - there’s no competitive advantage to owning skins and accessories anyway.

Wish the media would stop giving it such a bad rep, but hey...

FordPrefect42 · 19/02/2019 00:17

Thing is it’s no worse than Pac-Man really the way I see it.

What the OP should’ve done was start an actual, cogent debate rather than resort to infantile trolling as the latter just makes those of us who actually play games like Fortnite look bad.

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