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Best Marble Run?

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JustAsWelliLikeLego · 13/11/2009 19:04

Hi - looking to get a marble run for DS 3.5 (quite good hands, very into wee bits like lego etc). Have heard good and bad about ELC one, have seen vortex type ones on Amazon which I think he might like (he likes those donation boxes where you put money in and it spins down...)
Or are the wooden ones (price - Gulp) worth it?
Any recommendations? Thanks

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forkhandles · 13/11/2009 21:41

we've got this Galt one and it's good but could be better. I'm not sure if I'd buy it again if I had a choice. My DC are 6 and 4 and DD got it for Christmas last year. It can be a bit unstable and tip over when they build it up tall. The feet on the ELC one look good..

JustAsWelliLikeLego · 14/11/2009 08:40

Thanks forkhandles - that looks interesting too. I'm tempted to get one like this or ELC and then expand if he takes a real interest, which, let's face it - he might not!

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allaboutme · 14/11/2009 08:47

DS 4yo got the ELC one last christmas. It was a real hit and still gets lots of use.
I notice now that ELC do an expansion pack which we might get

JustAsWelliLikeLego · 14/11/2009 09:38

Oh that's good to hear allaboutme as the main thing I heard that was bad was that they were unstable but maybe their carpets were just a bit shagpile?

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mutualfriend · 14/11/2009 09:46

I've done a little research in recent weeks as planning to get one for 4 yo ds and have decided to go for the elc one.

kimlouiseb · 14/11/2009 10:26

We've got the quadrilla basic set here, which is fantastic - sturdy and very well made - will last a lifetime. There are also numerous extensions sets you can buy to add to it. The only problem is my DS aged 5 has only just got the hang of building it himself - it is quite tricky. But if you are happy to help him build it till he gets a bit older then it would be fine.

zazizoma · 14/11/2009 11:28

We have a Haba one which you put together in a variety of ways, and it also has lots of add-ons like a musical staircase. I liked it because it wasn't a fixed configuration. My son combines this with his other blocks. Great quality, as I expected from Haba, but £££ (thank you to the grandparents.)

nevergoogledragonbutter · 14/11/2009 11:35

We have the quadrilla basic set. This year the grandparents are buying the extension set. The kids love it but do need help. Thankfully DH and I quite enjoy building them.

There is a musical extension set now too.

The downside is that they are knocked over easily.

The Haba one looks fab too.

The wooden ones make lovely unannoying sounds and actually look nice too.

Anifrangapani · 14/11/2009 11:40

Another vote for Quadrilla... keeps me amused for hours.

nevergoogledragonbutter · 14/11/2009 11:50

We play with it after the children have gone to bed under the pretence of building them a nice surprise for the morning.

JustAsWelliLikeLego · 14/11/2009 15:31

Wow, thanks everyone - definitely got a few to narrow it down to now. I also like this one but I think it is for me, not DS

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