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Spike Ultra Dinosaur - any good?

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Boo100 · 10/10/2009 10:07

I've seen it in ELC and it looks good to me- but I'm not a 5 yr old boy. Son mad on dinos, but will he get bored quickly??? It costs a whopping £125- even with %25 off it would be v expensive. So it needs to be worth it!!

Anyone got one?

OP posts:
ArghhhhmazingBouncingSpider · 10/10/2009 15:35

Hello I work at ELC and have also bought Spike for DS's christmas present.

He is very good and I have found through extensive playing demonstrating that different sequences on the remote control will make him do different things, I managed to get him to do a Fred Flinstone yabba dabba doo noise several weeks ago and have yet to get him to do it again!

His jaw can be a bit of a weak point when it comes to returns. ive not encountered any personally but as a company we've been told to watch out for it.

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