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Birthday present for 2 year old girl

2 replies

dldl · 16/10/2012 19:17

Looking for birthday present for a 2 year old girl. Want to spend about £10 but get good value for money.

Suggestions welcome...perhaps nice puzzles, dolls accessories. Feel free to post links!

Thank you!

OP posts:
Rhubarbgarden · 21/10/2012 00:25

Does she have a scooter? How about one of these to attach to it? My dd has one and loves it.

Handlebar Heroes

5madthings · 21/10/2012 00:36

Yes my 21mth old dd loves her brothers scooters and an accessory for one would go down well.

She also likes books, particularly lift the flap ones.

Peppa pig and ben and holly are firm favourites so books/toys to do with them would be loved.

WOW toys are nice, dd has a wow campervan and digger she likes. She also has some happyland stuff (from elc) that she likes.

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