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Looking for a saddle cloth or numnah - BLACK and WHITE, can you help please?

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ponygirl17 · 04/04/2009 21:52

I am looking for a black and white striped or diamond checked saddle cloth or numnah, can anyone help me please?

thanks in advance

OP posts:
LadyOfScoffleTheEasterEggs · 04/04/2009 22:00

nearest I have found is black with white piping here... I'll keep looking though.

LadyOfScoffleTheEasterEggs · 04/04/2009 22:02

one with a chequered strip

ponygirl17 · 04/04/2009 22:06

Ooh the checkered one might be possible. I wouldnt use one like that in the UK, but we are in france, so it might work... it is actually for one of my riding teachers as his colours are black and white but he wants more than black with white piping or white with black piping.

LOSTEE - I never found that when I searched, what else can you come up with please?

OP posts:
LadyOfScoffleTheEasterEggs · 04/04/2009 22:19

That's all I can find... I've never seen striped ones etc. before

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