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Can a discovery sport pull a trailer?

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Indoorvoicesbluey · 09/02/2024 13:23

Looking at doing the monthly hire with equi-trek over the summer/autumn and seeing if we actually use one before committing to buying.

we have a 2019 discovery sport manual and our pony is 14.3hh about 450kg.

thank you!☺️

OP posts:
Pleasedontdothat · 09/02/2024 13:28

Look on your v5 document - that will show your model’s braked towing weight. You then need to add up the weight of the trailer plus pony plus hay/water/any tack etc. The amount that adds up to needs to be lower than your vehicle’s towing capacity.

Firsttimebabymama · 09/02/2024 13:30

Which Equi Trek? I have a show Trekka and it would be too heavy for a discovery sport plus pony.

Indoorvoicesbluey · 09/02/2024 13:38

It’s the Apollo, the lightest one.
my car says 2000kg towing.

Can a discovery sport pull a trailer?
OP posts:
Firsttimebabymama · 09/02/2024 13:44

I'd imagine the one with 2tonne gross weight would be OK, but check with someone more experienced. Maybe ask Equi trek themselves? I'd also check the nose weight limit of the towbar and make sure it's up to scratch- a lot of people overlook the towbar.

I have a RRS and replaced the detachable towbar with a fixed one- not sure which yours is- but worth looking into :)

Indoorvoicesbluey · 09/02/2024 13:50

going to get a tow bar fitted in the new couple of weeks x

OP posts:
JaffavsCookie · 09/02/2024 21:16

855kg trailer, pony 450kg, fuel/water 100 kg, still comfortably under the 85% of 2000kg so should be ok.
can I ask why the equitrek though as they generally have the worst rep of any of trailers.

Indoorvoicesbluey · 10/02/2024 20:20

Because they do a thing where you can hire it for £200 a month with insurance and give it back at any time. I don’t know any other companies that do that.

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Indoorvoicesbluey · 13/02/2024 10:58

Yes but you’re paying £60 per a day for those. This is £200 a month.

OP posts:
Indoorvoicesbluey · 13/02/2024 10:58

Oh just saw! Lemme look how far away it is lol

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