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Old pony problems

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Tashalburrows · 16/11/2018 22:00

We have got a 27 year old welsh cross. Still ridden 3/4 times a week. On supplements for old age and half a bute a day. Had a amazing summer and has gone into winter looking brilliant. We've noticed that over the last few weeks he has been struggling a little more to get up when rolling. Mainly in the boggy field which he longer goes out in. In the sand paddock it's much easier.

A few people have told me about hock injections and how they might help him. I'm just wondering if anybody has had these done on elderly horses. I'm very realistic that he is a old boy and don't want to put him through treatment that may not even work. At his age he's going to struggle that little bit more.

Any advice.

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mrslaughan · 16/11/2018 22:53

The issue with his age and hock injections, is they are steroids. My understanding is that there is a very high risk of them triggering laminitis.
I think rather than ask on here you should have a discussion with your vet, who will know all the risks as well as his medical issues.

Doublechocolatetiffin · 16/11/2018 23:01

Agreed that steriods probably aren’t wise for an old native given the laminitis risk. We have a 23 yo welsh D and he is on turmeric and has cartrophen injections which have been good. It is quite expensive though at circa £400 for the course of 4 injections and that’s with me doing the jabs so no call outs.

newme2014 · 17/11/2018 11:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

newme2014 · 17/11/2018 11:14

Sorry!! Meant to start my own thread. Ill report.

Tashalburrows · 18/11/2018 19:02

He's got the vets coming out this week to give him a full mot. Thanks for the advice x

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