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Has anybody had a Horse from a rescue centre?

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Blueskytoday · 14/03/2017 19:47

I'm looking for a pony/ horse , have had some awful experiences loaning and trying horses for sale privately,.
My confidence is shaky these days and it's very difficult to find a straight forward horse, owners tend to lie, be very misleading etc.

I've started thinking maybe a pony from one of the rescue organisations will be a better option as the staff are hopefully more honest about the horses.

I've been looking on the websites of a couple locally and they do have a few ridden horses .

Has anyone any experience or suggestions?

OP posts:
RedComet · 14/03/2017 20:59

A pony from a rescue often comes with baggage and often requires a lot of tlc and hard work. At my old yard someone had a rescue which was lovely most of the time but could be totally unpredictable. Not for the faint hearted. There is also the option of so called "meat ponies". I know someone who takes them on at meat price £50/100 and ends up rehoming them. Some are real bargains but again they often require hard work and lots of tlc.

Garnethair · 14/03/2017 21:31

I have one from the rspca. Exactly as described.

ImBrian · 15/03/2017 14:46

I know someone who got there's from the RSPCA and she's fab. My friend works with the ponies there and she says they get some great ones. Hopefully when the time comes for us to buy we'll be able to get one from there.

Gingerbreadlass · 16/03/2017 10:45

I have one from the RSPCA and she is just a beautiful little thing. She'll need more work but truly as described and well handled. Can highly recommend. RSPCA have been brilliant with support after and choice in the first place.

ADishBestEatenCold · 16/03/2017 23:38

They often (though not always) arrive in rescue centres in the first place because they are unbroken, insufficiently trained, or problematic, and rehabilitation work done by the centres varies hugely. Sometimes there is none.

I say this not to prevent you, or anyone else, adopting, but you have said that your "confidence is shaky these days".
I think you should be looking into why is your confidence shaky? Has it been the loan animals you've been involved with? Has something happened? Is your riding gone a bit off-track?

Maybe you should shelve looking for a horse ... just for a short while ... and meantime take a little step backwards, just to get you back on track.
Have some lessons. Not just any old lessons, but lessons to not only pick up and address your 'weak' areas, but to identify and build on your 'strengths'. So confidence building riding lessons. Smile

At the same time you can aim to build a network (or increase your existing network) of experienced horsy support, so that ... once you are ready to look for a horse ... you have RL experts to talk things through with and who might help.

Scaredycat2016 · 26/03/2017 08:45

Hey, sorry to sound like a negative Nancy but rescues aren't for the faint me i have a herd lol (well I've got 6 and my mum has 2) rescues are all I've ever known. Each and every one of my horses are amazing and there is nothing like the bond you build when you've rescued them, they seem to genuinely appreciate what you have done for them. That said, confidence and knowledge are essential. Sometimes you are dealing with a horse that has been to hell and back and that will leave scars and sometimes the strangest of behavioural issues. You need to be sure that you are equipped to deal with those issues. If you are then rescues are incredibly rewarding, I wouldn't change mine for the world.... They are my world. Good luck in your search x

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