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Loan arrangements

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slippersmum · 30/07/2015 13:31

Just wondered what sort of arrangements people have eg how many days etc you have the pony and how much do you pay? Do you pay towards insurance or does the owner sort all that out? Considering loaning one of our ponies out. Just at the information gathering stage at the moment.

OP posts:
MegEmski · 30/07/2015 14:10

My 6 year old Connemara has a sharer - she has 2 / 4 days a week (Mon and Friday are set, other days flexible). She pays ?15 a week, has her own insurance for riding him.

She can use him for lessons, competitions etc. and he is a lovely talented easy going pony. Joan is experienced so also brings worth to the arrangement for me as she does improve him as well.

My 17yr old more experienced horse has a lovely younger girl interested in a part loan, but would need lots of hands on input from me particularly at the beginning, so she will be paying ?30 a week, as I can't just 'let her get on with it' so much, and she is very much learning from the horse rather than helping improve.

slippersmum · 01/08/2015 14:27

Thanks. Does anyone else have one?

OP posts:
mrslaughan · 01/08/2015 20:15

I haven't loaned but know a few that have.

Generally insurance is kept in the owners name, who pays it is up for negotiation. The reason you keep it in your name ( the owners) is to insure that you dpony stays the loaner can hand it back to you, if it becomes injured. If you rely on the loaner to keep it insured, it gets injured, they haven't kept up the insurance....yes you could persue them through the courts.....but really do you want the hassle?

PinkGinny · 01/08/2015 20:24

Way back DD1 had a loan pony - we paid all iivery, had full use and covered the 50% of insurance. The insurance stayed in the owners name however. 50/50 split was because he had Cushings so insurance was v. expensive. Costs of regular medicine were covered by owner too.

We were not responsible for replacing worn or broken rack ( unless due to our carelessness). There was also a 3 month notice period to break the loan after the first 3 months when all were trying out.

We also had use of the owners trailer for shows, rallys, games etc.

This was an outgrown but much loved pony who we had 100%, not a share. He was a proper schoolmaster and was great for our DD. She outgrew him quickly, as they do at that age. It was an ideal arrangement for us.

slippersmum · 01/08/2015 22:08

I just wanted someone else to get some use out of our schoolmaster really. He is not being ridden as often as I would like. We have had him 15 years and do not want to sell. A couple of my children learnt to ride on him and I just could not part with him.

OP posts:
lastqueenofscotland · 02/08/2015 21:44

i had a share/part loan and paid £12.50 a week which covered shoes.
that was it, owner kept everything else.
Rode three times a week.

AuntieDee · 10/08/2015 15:17

I adapted the BHS loan agreement and my loaner paid £25 a week. £15 of this went on a lesson, and I paid her insurance too. She was contracted for 3 times a week (though could use the pony any time) but I was lucky if she turned up for her lesson - it lasted about 4 months...

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