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Horse being fed wrong food

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Leela5 · 31/12/2014 07:58

My horse is on loan to a lovely lady at nice yard and is on part livery. He's a good doer and I stated when loan started that he mustn't get molasses as it's too heating and he's a lami/fat risk and his breed (Iberian) generally don't need hard feed.

Found out he was being fed sugar beet daily. Asked for this to stop and was told it would stop.

Went to yard, discovered he is still being fed sugar beet so YM is ignoring my request. I asked YM about it and was told 'it's only a little, it won't hurt him'.

He's in a really loving home so I don't want to be petulant and cause trouble but I'm really concerned as it could potentially cause him long term health problems.

What would you do?

OP posts:
Truckingalong · 31/12/2014 08:01

You're not in the north west are you??!!! YM's like this are a nightmare. There's nothing you can do - they'll just continue to do it their way. I'd pull the horse off the yard. It won't just be feed - they'll do everything their way cos they know best.

Leela5 · 31/12/2014 08:07

Unfortunately to take him home means finding another yard then finding another loaner. I'm due first baby in 6 months.

I'm hoping to resolve it with the yard if possible.

I bloody hate livery yards!

OP posts:
laurenamium · 31/12/2014 08:34

I would definitely consider a move if at all possible based purely on the fact you've asked them to stop something and they've carried on doing it! What else are they doing against your wishes that you don't know about? Could you say again (maybe even in writing) you absolutely do not want your horse to be fed sugarbeet and if it continues you will be forced to find an alternative loan home for him, then legally you have given notice and a written warning?

I know it's not ideal to be finding a new loaner and moving at this point but ime it's much easier to be doing it now than with a 4 week old baby!

laurenamium · 31/12/2014 08:37

I meant to add *with a 4 week old baby if things escalate at a later date

maddy68 · 31/12/2014 08:39

Put a sign on your horses stable doo
Polite reminder
Please remember that x cannot have molasses sugar beet etc
Thank you

countingto10 · 31/12/2014 08:57

Ask what sugar beet it is - if it is speedibeet eg it is very low in sugar (5%) and is a good carrier for supplements etc, can be used as a hay replacer and is good for keeping horses hydrated in icy weather etc. My good doer/laminitic has it and it doesn't heat her up etc. If it is molassed then that is a different matter .......

Stillyummy · 31/12/2014 09:01

Depending on the brand and energy content it should be ok. Explains it better than me.

But, I would be furious they ignored my instructions. Your the owner- if you say he needs a pink bucket, he gets a pink bucket!

Leela5 · 31/12/2014 09:21

My loaner asked and it's definitely molassed as my first presumption was that it must be unmolassed so I asked her to check.

It's so frustrating, he's really happy there - if only they would just listen. Their horses are all Tb/wb types who need this stuff but mine isn't and doesn't. I've spoken to Allen and page in the past about what to feed him and also to breed society so I've done my research, I'm not just some neurotic owner who's making a fuss.

I think I need to sit down with my loaner. If she can't resolve it he will have to come back :(

Thanks for your help

OP posts:
Leela5 · 31/12/2014 09:33

Stillyummy thanks for that link. I'll see if she can check brand for me

OP posts:
Stillyummy · 31/12/2014 10:33

I still stand by the fact your the owner, what you say should go. I am currently without a horse but I had a part loaner who over fead my old boy with formula for feet balancer, she kept giving him a double dose because he liked it. Apart from totally over doing the vitamins she was costing me a bloody fortune. I hate people that don't listen. In the end I got rid of her after finding out she also galloped him on unsuitable ground (hard standing!!!).

Pixel · 01/01/2015 15:10

If it's fibrebeet then it's fine for laminitics and those on a low sugar diet.

However, I'd still be livid at someone doing something with my horse that I'd specifically asked them not to!

LaLa5 · 08/01/2015 04:19

Bit of an update. I spoke to loanee about the food issue. She understood but got bit upset saying she wanted to end the loan as she feels the horse is not 'hers' and I'm always there on background.

Long story short I can't afford to take horse back as I'm pregnant, plus I couldn't exercise him and he needs riding 5 days a week. So I've had to make the very difficult and sensible decision to sell him to her :(

Very sad but I know I'm doing the right thing for both of us. He's in good home, she loves him and I will not be able to have him back for a long time.

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