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Livery Yards near Bruton

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lavendersun · 06/08/2014 19:26

We are moving to Somerset and I will probably need a livery yard for my ageing horse (unless the elusive rental property with paddock crops up).

I need all year round turnout, good dust management system, preferably stables with an outdoor view and living out with a shelter from March until November, bedding on shavings and haylage. Turnout in groups of two max. Nothing too busy with very kind people for my much loved 20 year old horse (who has lived at home for 18 years), can you tell that I am struggling with the idea of her not being at home?

Doesn't necessarily have to be a proper yard - I would be happy to share a field with the right person and have a huge redmire mobile field shelter that I can bring with me as long as it doesn't cost too much to get there!

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