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North Essex

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Alouiseg · 07/08/2010 12:50

Hello, I hav'nt ridden for over 20 years but would like to restart gently. Can anyone recommend anywhere in North Essex?

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Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 14/08/2010 11:06

Well, my dd went to the garrison saddle club for a while an I don't rate it! Can't recommend anywhere else, but I wouldn't go there. I'll ask my instructor friend where is good for you. X

horseyrider · 23/08/2010 19:48

Have you tried the British Horse Society website? They have a where to ride section so you look under there. Hope this helps.

BlueChampagne · 06/10/2010 13:17

Also Association of British Riding Schools.

BlueChampagne · 06/10/2010 13:21

Depending where in N Essex you are, try this //

Otherwise Brook Farm EC, near Saffron Walden, might be worth a go. Used to compete at shows there.

rabbitears · 09/02/2011 13:36

ah i have just started again just like you at a place called Lovely View in Barley village, its great for me as low key with some reasonably perky horses. no website so reply if you want to know more

BlueChampagne · 09/02/2011 13:39

Ah Lovely View - the only time we ever got placed x-country!

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